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Free Connected Limited believes that technology should make life better and announces service for safe and free surfing.

Free Connected Limited (FCL) is pleased to announce its offering for the best professional VPN proxy service for people around the world. Launched as X-VPN, the company's service provides VPN IP addresses for free, which is not only safe, but it also protects the user's privacy.

According to the FCL, if you are encountering blocked sites or apps, the X-VPN service allows users to change their IP address to a different country which will provide the ability to have access to any website or app that is usually blocked in the area.

"Why change your IP address? Our X-VPN service changes your IP address to overcome any site restrictions based on your country's IP and also protect people's privacy from ISP or any third parties," said Jean Roland, a spokesperson for Free Connected Limited. "It's funny that some people would regard VPN providers as another ISP. It's just not the right way for us. Instead of selling users' data to satisfy some companies and make short money, we'd rather improve our service to please our users. X-VPN does make sense only in this way. It's a simple truth we believe. While some users may be afraid of changing their IP address due to security and privacy reasons, we're proud to assure you that we offer top-level protection from hackers, snoopers and spammers and ensure the highest level of privacy."

The best part is that it offers its free services without any requirement to sign up for an account on the website. Understanding importance of privacy, FCL takes pride providing seamless internet access via VPN without the hassle of configuring on a local computer. X-VPN also doesn't track or keep any logs of its users and their activities, which means that the users' privacy is safe from FCL as well. Users can download X-VPN for iOS or Android on Google Play.

"What makes X-VPN different? High quality, free services are equal with other VPNs' premium service. X-VPN always works when others cannot. And when you get connection lost, X-VPN offers 7 different types of protocols to solve this problem. We are the only free VPN provider which has 9 different U.S. cities servers and will expand our locations to the Middle East, like UAE, Qatar and Egypt soon. We have one of the best user experiences with just a simple interface and easy operation. Tap on and off, that's it! Users can use X-VPN for free with no annoying ads," said Roland. "We also support multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac."

What Free Connected Limited also offers is that every new user, who has Android and iOS devices, can enjoy premium serves for seven days after subscribing. New PC users can get 500MB free data to evaluate. The company also offers 24 hours professional customer support.

"With Free Connected Limited, there is no limit with what you can do," said Roland. "Anyone can surf and unblock anonymously."

About Free Connected Limited

X-VPN is a service provided by Free Connected, LIMITED. Available on Google Play and the iTunes store, users can download to start surfing the internet anonymously.

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Jean Roland
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About Free Connected Limited

Free Connected LIMITED focuses on VPN fields and aims to provide the best professional VPN proxy service for people around the world. We believe that technology makes life better.Safe and free surfing is what we desire to bring.

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