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elapseit LLC, a young company that created an all featured time tracking, resource planning and project management software that challenges top-rated apps, announces the latest offer: starting February 2018, all existing or new registered accounts that have less than 10 users and 2 projects will have free access to elapseit complete package with all the available features. elapseit tool usage proved to increase productivity, develop more efficient teamwork and deliver projects on time and within budget.

The international extension of free service comes after the success of a similar campaign on a local market.

"We are committed to fully supporting startups and freelancers because, not long ago, we experienced ourselves how rough getting a new business off the ground can be. We are now proud to bring our planning and management contribution to so many journeys of growth that we can assure each and every freelancer or young company that time-tracking, invoicing and allocating resources can be simple tasks. We had extraordinary feedback from marketing, PR and web development companies, but we are constantly improving elapseit so that any company regardless of the activity field gets the best results," said Marius Ciorecan, managing partner.

The free elapseit access for startups and freelancers comes with no feature limit, no usage limits, no credit card and no obligation to later purchase the product. At no costs, within the free account, the users can perform relevant correlations between resourcing planner, time-off, timesheet and invoicing and receive dashboard or customized reports. Users will be notified before they run out of the budget and they can see in seconds which member of the team is over or under allocated. One of the most important things is that with elapseit, all users keep their data secure and confidential because the software provides different access levels. The elapseit promise is that task management, invoicing and availability cease to be complicated for users, and judging by its user-friendly features this is probably a fulfilled promise for every user.  

About elapseit

elapseit is a new and cost-effective tool built to offer a secure and complete user experience while allocating and managing a company's resources. With elapseit, every user gets five superpowers: smooth project management, accurate timesheets, comprehensive resource planning, efficient time-tracking and easy task management.

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