Free Online Website Analysis Tool Introduced To Analyze SEO Factors has been launched in Beta version. The website can be used as Virtual Assistant to gather Analyzed SEO data by webmasters.

As webmaster, everyone feels it as hard job to account all your SEO data. Visiting different websites and tools to gather SEO data has

been a time consuming job.

Such time consuming job has been degraded a lot by new website entitled is new web tool introduced recently to analyze your website. It analyzes various on-site and off-site optimization factors of any website. The site provides information on major topics like Title, Meta Tags, Alexa Ranking, backlinks, Page Load Time and various other data which shows impact on your Website's SEO.

Not only about the importance, but the site do have clean design and easy to use. As user, you just need to enter a URL. Once you submit your URL, the tool generates your data in less than a minute in neat and clean design. This SEO Automation tool can be great help to track your competitor's data too.

Similarly, last but not least, this tool is totally free to use as much as you want. You will not be warned with any kind of limitation or paid subscription option.


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