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Retail Passage's new tool analyzes key retail information from a product inventor. The information is used to objectively determine a product's retail potential, and where his or her time will be best spent to develop and market the product.

The American inventor has long been an engine of innovation, bringing great ideas to life. As the market becomes saturated with products over time, it can be difficult to navigate the ever-changing landscape of retail and reach the right customers. A Google search for “how do I get my product in a retail store?” brings 32 million hits. Slick websites offer “foolproof” methods for bringing a product to market, but the truth is, there is no single, magic approach that guarantees a product’s success.

Where is the inventor to turn?

To help millions of individuals get their products into retail stores and for those products to meet retail standards.

Tim Mahaffey, Founder is a newly launched website offering an objective analysis of a product’s retail viability. The site features a free tool called the Product Qualification Engine (PQE). This tool analyzes data to assess four key components: Viability of the company or individual listing the product, a product’s practicality and usefulness, pricing, and readiness for retail sales. This information allows an inventor to objectively determine a product’s potential, and where his or her time will be best spent to develop and market the product.

In addition to the free PQE tool, offers a product listing service to help retailers source exciting new products. The information detailed by the PQE tool is displayed, and gives retailers and retail buyers a complete picture of the product at hand. Inventors and product developers can take the information gleaned from the PQE and apply it to product pitching on and offline.

Retail Passage makes no unrealistic guarantees, but the company’s signature approach will improve chances of a product’s success, challenge the inventor’s thinking, and simultaneously makes products available to retailers in the market for the next big thing.

Preparation is key in the retail business, and the more information a seller can offer the more likely it is the buyer will place an order. The PQE tool is an excellent resource for an informed, practical analysis of any new product going to market today.


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