Free Online Gig Workers Summit Promises to Empower the US Workforce to Earn Income on Their Own Using Skills They Already Have

The Gig Economy is 57 Million Strong and Growing Stronger as More Workers Acquire Tools to Succeed

TKC Incorporated is proud to announce the first in its groundbreaking series of free online Gig (Freelance) Workers Summits which promises to empower participants with life-transforming knowledge. Over 20 leading experts will share their expertise on succeeding in the gig economy, including Dr. Chaz Austin, college professor, author and trainer in the gig economy; Brie Reynolds, senior career specialist and coach at FlexJobs; David Chin, gig economy champion and CEO of Thor Technologies, and many more.

"The gig economy offers fascinating options for millennials, who have the highest unemployment rate in the nation. It would help them to pay off huge college debt. They can earn additional income doing what they love as time permits, often from the comfort of their home," says Angela Heath, sponsor of the online Gig Workers Summit and author of "Do the Hustle Without the Hassle." 

According to Intuit, the gig economy makes up 34 percent of the U.S. workforce, and that number is expected to grow to 43 percent by 2020. Gone are the days when employees take a position and dutifully remain with the same company for decades, come what may - regardless of how they are treated or how much money they make.

Today's savvy workforce wants more - much more. They demand far more control over their earning potential, their work/life balance and even their retirement age. They want to control their earning potential, their schedules and the time they have to enjoy doing the things they value most. That's why the gig economy is so powerful and the upcoming Gig Worker Summit is so timely. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the skills and talents they can use to profit in the gig economy.
  • Master best practices for leading gig websites to score more jobs.
  • Implement the "work for three days and play for four" lifestyle design.
  • Leverage content to earn more income and grow their influence.
  • Start and build a business using a proven step-by-step process.
  • Change their mindset to unleash unlimited potential.

“I encourage income-seekers, persons longing to use their talents, solo-preneurs and freelancers to attend. The skills we are teaching will increase their income potential exponentially,” Angela Heath explains. 

Angela Heath is a life-long freelancer, speaker, author and owner of TKC Incorporated, an idea studio dedicated to guiding individuals and business in leveraging the gig economy.

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