Nerdeo Makes Film & Games Collaboration Easy

"We are picking up where Kickstarter and Indiegogo left off."

​​​​Nerdeo is a platform for creative freelancers and top students to connect with directors and producers, both locally and worldwide, providing them with an online facility to initiate projects and streamline remote collaboration.

A crowdsourcing and networking platform for film and games projects with or without budget resources, the service is free for all users: students, freelancers and project owners.

"We appreciate and cherish individual creatives and their ideas," said Caroline Pires, Nerdeo's CEO. "Nerdeo is about connecting people. It strives to transform the way the film industry is currently resourced by eliminating the middleman and time-consuming manual recruitment processes."

Caroline Pires, CEO

It allows film and game producers to upload their projects and access a database of global industry talent to join and work on their project in an easy, time-saving and cost-effective way.

At the same time freelancer artists and creative students benefit from free portfolio exposure and access to potential work and global collaboration opportunities.

"We appreciate and cherish individual creatives and their ideas," said Caroline Pires, Nerdeo's CEO. "Nerdeo is about connecting people. It strives to transform the way the film industry is currently resourced by eliminating the middleman and time-consuming manual recruitment processes."

“The platform is both a free digital ‘shop window’ for producers and creatives to showcase their projects and talents and also opens the virtual ‘shop door’ to initiate further collaboration.”  


  • Profile and showreel

  • Messaging - Connect to other professionals via messages and chat function

  • Team Creation - Enable instant invites for collaboration on a project. Filters run via #hashtags to deliver more effectively matched search results

  • Role bidding and assignment

  • User Recommendation - Increase credibility by project and showreel rating. User recommendations for freelancers, companies and directors to enhance profiles

  • Cross platform and mobile integration - Runs across all browser and device type (iOS, Android) supporting users to collaborate on the go

  • Invoice System - Create electronic invoices and ensure invoice payments globally. Secure and seamless billing and invoicing system through online payment portal

Key features in development:

Hotspot feature becomes Map View and Availability feature - Allowing for finding local talent, closest to specialization and availability, for immediate start. This feature enables signed-up members to find the right local projects and talent instantly  (as well as internationally). It is designed for companies who want to have their team in (or close to) their physical office, looking for face-to-face collaboration. 

Notes for editors:

1. Since its initial launch, as a community, in September 2014, the beta version of the platform has already contributed/delivered 18 worldwide projects in Brazil, Canada, Portugal, South Korea, the UK and the USA. Featured projects included short films, music videos, indie games, TV pilot and movies. Namely film ‘Arthur and Merlin’, which was presented at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and ‘Made in Taiwan’ (2015) which recently won Manchester International Film Festival (MANIFF).

2. Since its ‘community outreach’ in February 2014, Nerdeo already secured impressive social network community support. This includes 2K signups and a social media reach of 12K a week.

3. Nerdeo, based in London, UK, was founded in 2013, by Caroline Pires and Leena Vesterinen.  

Caroline Pires is CEO and Head of Product Innovation & Business Development at Nerdeo. Caroline has seven years of experience in visual effects for the film, television and advertising industry worldwide. After working on two Oscar winning films and many other nominated productions, she has decided to develop an online tool that can help both independent filmmakers and visual effects artists.

Leena Vesterinen is Co-founder and Head of Operational Strategy & Delivery at Nerdeo. Prior to Nerdeo she led consulting engagements globally, bringing strategic user centred design thinking to create optimal digital services, systems and tools. She is also a founder of a London based design and technology company with overseas technology capability.




Company Registration No.: 08564818

Incorporation Date: 11 Jun 2013

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