Free Event App Launches to Give Back to Local Communities Nationwide

MYLE exposes less fortunate youth to events through their online event platform

Kevin Lloyd Founder

MYLE, Inc. (Make Your Life Entertaining), an Entertainment Software company, today announced it will be officially launching and looking for partners in the Orlando, FL, area. As the tourism capital of America, Orlando boasts amazing weather and world-renowned theme park locations, which make it the premier location and partner for the application and its cause. The MYLE application is launching in all major markets throughout the United States with a large user base in high-traffic metropolitan areas. 

This milestone is a major move for MYLE and its not-for-profit arm, Extra MYLE International, which seeks to serve youth and families with transformative adventures and experiences designed to bolster participation and engagement with the arts. 

MYLE provides customized entertainment options on demand while reducing the amount of non-relevant content and advertisements users typically receive via e-mail and social media. Through Extra MYLE, users and hosts also have the ability to donate tickets and experiences to other not-for-profit organizations so that tickets can be utilized by partner venues, youth, and their families. 

"We believe that if you can change the mindset of a child, you may change their life, which may change the world," said Sherry Lloyd, Co-Founder.  

The Lloyd's aspiration is that young people will be exposed to transformational experiences that positively impact the mindset of our most underserved and vulnerable communities, while enhancing their ambition to their fullest potential. Extra MYLE aims to expose and educate at least 25,000 inner-city, socio-economically disadvantaged youth (grades K-12) and their families through experiences in the arts, culture, travel, and entertainment by 2025. 

This news comes in the wake of many recent upgrades to the application and accomplishments of the company, including: 

  • COVID Safety Indicators and protocol guidelines within the user interface 
  • Ability to purchase third-party tickets and book transportation directly through the app 
  • Amplification of events within 5-mile or 50-mile radius for event hosts
  • National map view 

"We know that in order to make the biggest impact, we must connect, invest and establish great partnerships in some of the biggest markets, and we are willing to take that chance to help the youth," Kevin Lloyd, Co-Founder.  

About MYLE: Founded in 2014, Make Your Life Entertaining, Inc. is an entertainment software company based out of  Columbus, OH. MYLE, the app, is a social activity and entertainment-based lifestyle application designed to enhance individual lifestyles by connecting people to the things they enjoy the most.  This includes entertainment, social events, social connections (including media), arts, music, shopping and more. The not-for-profit arm of the company, Extra MYLE  International (501c3), provides experiences to underprivileged youth and their families to connect them to the power of arts and culture. 

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Source: MYLE, Inc.

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