Free Education & Enrichment Resource Fair; Sunday, 4/24/16, Skirball Cultural Center

The 2016 Education and Enrichment Resource Fair for Los Angeles area families will be hosted this Spring by Parents Education League of LA (PEL). PEL is a nonprofit resource for parents regarding schools and education. The event is sponsored by ScholarShare, California's 529 College Savings Plan.

Contact: Desiree Lapin, 3109275427, 
 – With an everincreasing demand from parents for schools and educational resources to fill the academic gaps for LAarea students, the Parents Education League of LA (PEL) is excited to announce it will be hosting its Education and Enrichment Resource Fair for the whole family this Spring. This free community event has been developed for parents in search of quality education and enrichment options and solutions for
their children ages 1 to 18.

Sponsored by ScholarShare, the 2016 Resource Fair will showcase over forty
participants specializing in Charter Schools, SingleGender
Schools, Learning Differences, Multilingual Education, Gifted and 2e, Educational Therapies, Tutoring and Test Prep, Online and NonTraditional Education, as well as Enrichment Opportunities such as the Arts, Sports
and Technology. Kids are welcome and encouraged to attend. Knightsbridge Nanny Agency
will be providing complimentary babysitting, arts, crafts and Fundalini yoga classes. The event
will be held on Sunday, April 24th from 12 noon to 3pm in the Ahmanson Ballroom of the
Skirball Cultural Center and is free with RSVP at .

The Education and Enrichment Resource Fair is the first of its kind to offer a wide variety
of Programming Specialists to assist students in many areas. “This event will not only be a huge
time saver for parents looking to improve the overall quality of their child’s educational
development, but also a golden opportunity for parents struggling to find specific strategies.
With all of these amazing resources under one roof, families may learn how to supplement a
core subject area or how to better manage a child’s learning difference such as ADD/ADHD,
dyslexia, sensory or processing issues, and social behavior issues,” says PEL President,
Desiree Lapin. Participants will include schools, learning centers, after schoolprograms,
nonprofit organizations, therapists, online education providers, tutors, school consultants and
more. In addition, this Fair will be unique from other PEL events in that there will be several
moderated discussion tables about specific educational and informative topics such as dyslexia,
multilingual education, gifted as a special need, the value of music enrichment and more.
These moderated topical roundtable discussions will take place throughout the event as well.

“The feedback from parents and organizations alike has been outstanding, which shows the
great need we have in LA for an event like this,” says Tre’ Conway, event chair volunteer. One
parent’s heartfelt comment from the 2014 Resource Fair illustrates the usefulness of the
program: “At something like this, it is nice to know you are not alone. Sometimes you feel you
are the only one that has a kid with issues and it's nice to see other moms doing what they can
to help their children. It was nice to have various services (vendors) all at one place.”
ScholarShare, California’s 529 College Savings Plan, is the Sponsor of this anticipated
event and will be on hand to answer questions about saving for college.

The Parents Education League of Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization dedicated to
providing Los Angeles parents access to the most objective, current and comprehensive
information regarding schools and education in Los Angeles via its website, workshops, fairs,
events, speakers and parents association. 

For more information about the participants and to RSVP for FREE for the PEL Education and
Enrichment Resource Fair, please visit the PEL website at or
call (310)441-0684.

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