Free Donuts for Life and Free Tattoos

Contest where selected contestants will get a free tattoo and get a chance to win free donuts for life.

Free Tattoos AND Free Donuts?!?!?!

Donut Madness presents: The Great Donut Tattoo Competition!

This contest presents an opportunity to get a free tattoo AND win a free donut, every day, for the rest of your life. Six tattoo artists will compete to create the best re-imagining of Donut Madness' very own, chainsaw wielding donut character (!

Artists from Side Show Studios in downtown Sacramento will each design different tattoos featuring the chainsaw donut character for this contest. Six finalists will be chosen from the entries to receive one of these awesomely unique and crazy tattoos!

All contestant winners will be tattooed at Side Show Studios on a predetermined date and once the tattoos are completed a vote will take place. The finished tattoos will be photographed and posted on Donut Madness' social media outlets for voting. The tattoo with the most votes or 'likes' will win free donuts for life, not just for the recipient but also the tattoo artist. These two lucky winners will be able to go to Donut Madness any time (during regular business hours) and receive a free donut daily.

To enter, please stop by Donut Madness, during business hours and drop your name and contact info into the contest bucket. Entries limited to one per person per day. Entry's will end May 15th.

When the winners are drawn, the first winner drawn will be able to choose from all six tattoo designs. The second winner will have a choice of the remaining 5 and so on. If a chosen winner decides not to go forward with the choice of remaining designs, then next chosen name will be selected until all are chosen. The day of tattooing will be determined later, and will be coordinated with media outlets.

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