Free Backlink Checker for Google, Yahoo and Bing Helps Analyze the Quality of SEO Links

Leading Internet marketer, Winson Yeung, offers a free backlink checker tool for Google, Yahoo and Bing through his blog,

A backlink - which generally refers to any link that is received by a web page, directory, website, or top level domain from another web address, plays a key role in any Search Engine Optimization campaign. The number of high quality backlinks for a website or blog is a high determinant of the value and authority of its online presence. In most cases, webmasters believe that building backlinks is tantamount to digging a gold mine.

Before building a link to a webpage, it is important to learn everything there is to know about good and bad links. Moreover, because obtaining backlinks is a time-consuming task that involves researching competitive keyword phrases and entails roughly 10 hours of backlinking efforts to obtain substantial results.

Winson Yeung, an Internet marketer who specializes in SEO and backlink building, is offering a free backlink checker tool for search engine giants Google, Yahoo and Bing. When used properly, the tool is able to provide businesses the opportunity to quickly and appropriately respond to specific indicators and boost their marketing strategies effectively.

"Our tool can help you identify the number of quality links that point back to your website. To make the tool even more powerful, we have also added in new functions such as Google Index Pages, Alexa Backlinks and Website Worth," explained Winson Yeung.

By simply entering their URLs or domain names at, website owners will be able to check their backlinks immediately and for free. The free backlink checker tool essentially provides must-know analyses and reports on the websites that have links to a business website. Such backlinks are usually created when a website tries to finding content that may be related to the business, including product information.

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To know more about the backlink checker tool offered for free by Winson Yeung, please visit for additional information.


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