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With millions of outstanding active warrants in the United States, releases a free active warrant search online. To begin an active warrant search, the user needs a first and last name and state of origin.

​​​With millions of outstanding warrants in the United States – and over 200K in California alone – SearchQuarry (, a U.S.-based public records resource utility, created a utility for locating active warrants and criminal records online. Now, interested parties no longer need to visit the police department or courthouse to obtain such records and information, as all data can be viewed online from any device. offers a 5 day free trial where users can lookup active warrants and criminal records with a first and last name.

With city misdemeanor warrant officers typically outnumbered by thousands, warrant backlogs occur because there’s just no way for the very small number of officers assigned to this responsibility to possibly apprehend them all. And therein lies the basis for a massive, often largely misunderstood and now controversial American problem: Considering that roughly 40-percent of the traffic citations issued get ignored or otherwise marginalized, and also taking into consideration that around 60-percent of those go to warrant, many enforcement experts agree that this has all the makings of a quasi-epidemic.

You can't arrest me, I'm a rockstar.

Sid Vicious, Rock Star

SearchQuarry’s warrant records search platform allows for comprehensive searching of records pertaining to arrests and warrants, felony crimes, misdemeanor crimes and citations, in addition to specific areas encompassing federal, state and county arrests, violent felony crimes, non-violent felony crimes, financial/white collar crimes, parole details, probation details, federal/state/county misdemeanors, sentencing/fines/resolutions, speeding tickets, red light tickets, driving-related citations, non-driving-related citations and more. is comprised of both a paid member’s area and several free tools designed to assist in locating public records information online. As an aggregator of public records in the U.S., SearchQuarry provides unlimited searches in the member’s area. SearchQuarry representatives pointing out competitors’ penchants for making customers pay extra for additional searches. With’s software, users can make as many searches as they wish. 

Additionally, via the SearchQuarry member’s area, over 2 billion public records are accessible, assembled and organized from thousands of sources throughout the United States. The site’s proprietary software makes it simple to search through all warrant records quickly, while also finding public records that may have been unknown.


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