Fraser Allport Announces His Month Long Series on iHeart Radio: How to Reduce Your Income Taxes for 2016

This month, Certified Estate Planner™ Fraser Allport will be devoting all of his radio shows to the subject of ‘Reducing your Income Taxes for 2016’. Listeners can hear Fraser explain how every year, taxpayers complain about how much they pay in Income Taxes.

However, by the time a taxpayer sees the bill, the damage has already been done. Fraser outlines how taxpayers can perform Income Tax Planning in the present and work on their 2016 Income Taxes…in 2016. Fraser explains that taxpayers have until 12/31/16 to secure Income Tax Deductions in the IRS Code.

In Fraser Allport’s month long series, he advises listeners not to wait until April or October of 2017 because by then, it’s too late to do anything, except cry.

“Income Taxes are probably the Largest Single Bill in a Taxpayer’s Life, especially if you are self-employed as a Business Owner,” said Fraser Allport.

Fraser explains how approximately 20% to 40% of everything that a taxpayer does and earns each day of their Life is devoted to paying The Tax Man. His insights will motivate listeners to ponder that ‘Everything that Taxpayers work for until the day they die … is for Taxes.’

According to Fraser, many Taxpayers will accept just getting a cancelled check from the IRS, so he teaches listeners to do something about needlessly overpaying their Income Taxes.

  • How to get proactive about reducing Income Taxes by utilizing every possible deduction in the IRS Code that applies to that taxpayer.

“It’s not hard. Just surround yourself with smart and proactive Tax Professionals, and listen to my month long series on iHeart Radio,” says Allport.

“Most people over-pay their Income Taxes. Don’t let that be you, because needlessly overpaying your Income Taxes is a true waste of money. You might just as well be burning your money. Don’t underpay or overpay your Income Taxes. Pay The Right Amount,” said Fraser Allport.

Listeners can find out what that “right amount” or “correct number” is by tuning into Fraser Allport’s radio show. Fraser has specialized in Income Tax Reduction during his entire 34-year career. No matter what the situation may be, listeners can find out from this series if they are needlessly overpaying their Income Taxes!

If listeners are indeed over-paying their Income Taxes, Fraser asks two simple questions to the audience: 

  1. How much are you overpaying annually?
  2. How many years have you been overpaying? (Ouch.)

Known as  “The Total Advisor” for his 34 years of experience and wide range of skills, Fraser Allport provides the answer to all of your Financial Needs and questions, including Income Tax Reduction.

To learn valuable information on how to reduce your 2016 Income Taxes, please call Fraser Allport at 772-643-4850 to schedule a complimentary “ 10 Minute Tax Tune-Up ”, either on the phone or at Fraser’s Vero Beach Office.

Click here to begin the process of learning how to work with a Financial Professional that is a Fiduciary for you – by booking an appointment with Fraser Allport, or visit and also

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Source: Fraser Allport - The Total Advisor™


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