Franz 'Francisco' Szawronski Widely Known As an Expert in the US Hispanic Market and Tax Industry Invited to Mexico by CONDUSEF and Integra

Mr. Szawronski

Mr. Szawronski will join Mexico's National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) along with executives of financial institutions in Mexico and the United States, Mexican Government Officials and United States Government officials on Oct. 26 and 27 in Mexico City, Mexico for a high-level discussion on the opportunities and challenges of the Remittances Market between Mexico and the United States as well as to how to maximize the economic impact of Tax refunds of Mexican's living in the United States. 

"I feel blessed to be invited to such an event and to be able to give my insight to an industry so important to all Latinos," said Mr. Szawronski. "Many Hispanics are worried what is next, especially in regards to the current Trump administration of the United States and talks of possibly charging taxes on money remittances." Mr. Szawronski said, "It is important that we come together to help those who work so hard to help their families by sending them money because their family members live in very difficult situations and don't have the same opportunities as us and oftentimes don't even have money to purchase food and other necessities if it was not for the money that their family members sent."

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