franki Launches the First-Ever Foodie Creator Fund to Support Its Creators

franki, a video-based review app connecting small businesses with local communities through trusted reviews, has launched the first-ever foodie-specific creator fund.


 The franki locals fund helps passionate franki contributors get paid for what they love: exploring local businesses and sharing authentic experiences. Foodies can apply to the program here

The franki locals fund is the first step in an ongoing effort to help support the exploration of small businesses around the country. Rewarding franki locals - the app's trusted group of creators - is not only a thank you but also a way to incentivize contributors that continue to share honest, video-based reviews and grow their franki community. 

As user-generated reviews have become the most trusted and credible source of information for consumers, franki has positioned itself as the new face of video review. Eugene Varicchio, CEO of franki, explains, "franki is a place where everybody can see real people share real experiences so they can make better, informed decisions when choosing a restaurant, bar or entertainment venue." On the fund's launch, Varricchio goes on to explain, "Our franki locals are passionate, local foodies who love sharing their experience on franki to help support their local restaurant community.  This fund was created to support them in their quest"

Many small business owners rely on user-generated reviews to drive business. Video-based review can help differentiate their service in an overly saturated review environment. Whereas written reviews can be lengthy and unclear and photos can provide a small window into what to expect. Video reviews, like the ones found in franki, provide the full experience of a space before walking through the front door. Allowing consumers to make well-informed decisions and helping business owners amplify their services. 

franki's library of video reviews has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year to 9,000 quality recommendations representing over 7,500 venues. Since March of 2020, franki's presence has increased from 11 U.S. cities to 61 cities globally and continues to grow.

Helping small businesses connect with their local community has been a main driver in franki's mission from the start. Currently, small business owners can claim their business here and gain access to real reviews shot in their establishment that can be used to market their business. Consumers can download the franki app and gain access to thousands of trusted and frank reviews in their city. 

About Franki Global -

Franki Global are the creators of franki, the experience app that connects businesses with their local communities. Available now on iOS and Android, franki offers an all-in-one solution for customers and business owners to create, showcase and incentivise honest, video reviews. For more information about the franki app and Franki Global, visit or follow the brand on Instagram.   

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