Franki Invests Over $100,000 to Help Reignite Local Economies

As hospitality venues in Texas face the myriad of challenges and restrictions caused by COVID-19, a new video-based review application, Franki, will help support local restaurants and cafes by incentivizing patrons to share and promote their favorite hometown venues.

​​Launching this week in Austin, Texas, Franki has ambitions of helping reignite the local economy by investing in hospitality venues to help them grow out of the COVID period and providing customers with up-to-date video reviews to help them make a safe and informed decision on where they would like to eat and drink.

Eugene Varricchio, CEO of Franki, explains, "With Franki ready for launch, we wanted to show our support to local businesses by encouraging the community to get out and try somewhere new. And Austin, which is known for its amazing food and hospitality, is where we felt Franki should launch first."

Through Franki's growing user base of local foodies, the app already has over 500 video reviews across Austin eateries and, now, Franki wants everyone to share and promote their favorite local venue. To do that, Franki is funding a series of competitions through its "GiG" feature within the app, directly compensating users for trying out a venue and leaving a review.

Varricchio goes on to explain, "We know that everyone has a local favorite place they like to eat and drink, yet sharing the true delivery or venue experience in text or pictures doesn't tell the whole story. We will fund GiG competitions over the coming months to encourage anyone to share their favorite place.”

Franki's reviews are video-based, giving a customer an unobstructed view into someone's real experience, thus, removing the need to second-guess an anonymous text-based review. Video brings transparency and allows confidence when deciding where to eat. The reviews will sit on the local business profile within Franki, allowing users to explore and see real experiences in venues they may want to try.

"For many businesses, it can be tough to stand out on social media platforms, and some are left feeling held hostage by traditional review sites. Franki provides businesses a unique solution to this problem through video-based reviews," explains Nick Bennett, Franki's Director of Strategy. "We have spoken to many business owners, and we are extremely excited by the feedback."

For a business, getting involved is as easy as claiming their business profile. One local restaurant owner was encouraged by what video-based recommendations will bring to their business: "More than ever, you need a strong online presence and having a system in place like Franki – where every month you can generate a certain number of video reviews – could really elevate our content across other channels."

About Franki –

At Franki, we believe that honesty is the best policy, which is why we've made it easy to explore with video-based recommendations, giving customers an unobstructed view into someone's experience. Franki is out to ensure consumers no longer have to question reviews or worry about how a business is operating within the COVID safety guidelines.

For consumers, Franki makes it easy to feel confident about exploring new places. Trying a new bar or restaurant can feel a lot like you're wandering through uncharted territory — there's a lot of unknowns and room for error. However, with Franki, you can count on real recommendations from real people to guide your way. Franki also empowers its users to become "locals in the know" by rewarding them for candidly sharing their experiences with others.

For business owners, Franki makes it easy to market a business confidently. For many businesses, it can be tough to stand out in a crowd, much less maintain visibility on customer review sites and social media platforms. On Franki, it’s made easy through the power of video-based recommendations. All a business has to do is sign up and claim their business profile. From there, they can run a GiG competition and let the customers do the talking. In turn, a business owner will get access to fresh and frank content shot inside their business, gain insights into their customers' experiences, boost visibility, and grow their business.

Eugene Varricchio, CEO, | 949 3041456
Nick Bennett, Director of Strategy, | 1 512 698 9615

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