Frank Dinucci's Cloud Accounting Workshop Draws Many Entrepreneurs

​Millennial entrepreneurs are changing the face of the world with breakthrough innovations across diverse industries. Numerous problems of yesteryear have now galvanized a new age of startups that provide out-of-the-box solutions. Some pressing issues which have plagued entrepreneurs for a long time are the high cost, steep learning curve, and scalability of accounting software. Entrepreneurs are mostly pre-occupied with making their product or service more efficient and are therefore unable to keep up with the latest developments in the field of accounting software. Hiring an accountant or a bookkeeper is often not possible due to budgetary constraints. What one man can think, another man can accomplish. The emergence of cloud-based accounting has filled the bookkeeping needs of entrepreneurs by offering the ability to perform transactions over the Internet without the need for expensive and hard to learn software. Cloud-based accounting services provide remote servers and applications that can be accessed for relatively low fees to manage and maintain one’s financial records.

Frank Dinucci, who owns one such accounting service, has been raising awareness about this technological advancement by conducting free workshops for entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. He says, "Cloud computing is not a new concept and has revolutionized the accounting industry. A research study by AICPA last year showed that over 56 percent of accountants used cloud-based accounting, but there's a shockingly low knowledge about it among entrepreneurs, probably due to a lack of exposure. This new technology incorporates high-level complex artificial intelligence and machine learning, which gives one the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, stay current, and operate their business at their best. The payoff can be huge as cloud-based accounting services require minimal overhead expenses from a user, subscription costs are far lower than what professional accounts or popular software like QuickBooks might charge. It is also readily available for use at any hour of any day, unlike an in-house accountant. The fact that it's stored digitally on remote servers means entrepreneurs don't have to worry about the loss of data in case their hard disks fail or crash."

Frank Dinucci believes that entrepreneurs who take the first step in this path are rewarded handsomely with more freedom, better client relationships and higher efficiency in their work-life. He says, "It does everything a highly trained accounting professional could do, and even more, at a fraction of the cost. This saves the entrepreneurs a lot of worries and lets them focus their minds on doing what they do best instead of dabbling with something they know very little about. Most cloud-accounting services come with CRM capabilities, which creates the potential for developing strong client relationships on top of profitable, flexible and streamlined accounting practices. By holding these workshops, our aim is to encourage these brilliant minds who have equally brilliant ideas to transition to the cloud, which will be hugely beneficial even down the line when they want to grow and scale their businesses. It will also ensure continuity. It's a 3-hour commitment on weekends that can go a long way in bolstering a critical aspect of your business."

Frank Dinucci's workshops have so far been a rage, managing to ironically drawing in more entrepreneurs than they accounted for. He says, "We have had such a tremendous reception that we are now planning to take our workshops to various other top cities across the country, such as Seattle and Los Angeles, which is seeing an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs." Wade Nodine, a tech-entrepreneur who developed a blockchain solution to airline ticketing, says attending Dinucci's workshops have been massively beneficial. "First of all, I knew zilch about accounting, apart from buzzwords like debit and credit. What Frank introduced to us has been breathtaking: it's as simple as it is efficient.

"I didn't even need to learn all accounting principles, it was like an accounting software for dummies. Just enter simple data and bam, you have financial reports and what not! It's amazing, and I and many others like me would have never known about cloud-based accounting services had it not been for Frank. I have personally saved so much money that I'm putting to better use with my project instead, and I no longer have to sweat about my accounts and finances situation. Cloud servers also make scaling possible, and no matter how much bigger my business gets, I can rest a little easier knowing there's at least one thing I need not worry about!" With such high praise bestowed upon Dinucci, it is clearly evident that he has significantly influenced and changed the lives of many budding entrepreneurs for the better.

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Source: Frank Dinucci