Frank Dinucci Helps Startups and Small Businesses With Their Financial Needs

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Many startups face difficulties when it comes to their accounting and financial needs. But it’s not just startups that are challenged by reporting and taxes. Small businesses are too.

Frank Dinucci came up with an idea to help small businesses and startups save money and time spent on reporting, giving calls, and waiting for reports by creating a cloud-based service.

These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.

Frank Dinucci

The former college professor understands the tendency for small business and startups to underestimate the importance of financial reports and taxes, as growth and finding clients are their main concerns. But business owners soon find out how expensive accounts are and how many resources are spent on reporting everything. They learn the impact of not knowing on the spot how much money you owe or how to calculate your budget.

What many small business and startup owners miss is the fact that an accountant can’t take care of everything. There is still plenty of work that needs to be done on their side too.

Frank Dinucci knows what happens in the accounting world and how expensive accountants are. This is why he started working on a project that would help businesses handle their books and do so in an easy, convenient manner.

There are many factors that slow down businesses when it comes to the traditional method. One of the most inconvenient aspects is the fact that it takes time to find out how much you owe in taxes.

Most businesses are in a rush and they need to know as quickly as possible how much money they have to spend. Not knowing how much money you have available slows you down.

If someone wants to figure out how much they owe, they need to make some phone calls, wait until their accounts are checked, and then they receive a call back from the accountant who lets them know how much they owe in taxes.

Frank Dinucci is now traveling across the country to talk with startup and small business owners and explain how many resources they would save if they choose to use a cloud-based service.

A cloud-based service is also convenient for its users because there is no waiting time. You can open the application from any device and check how much you owe within seconds.

“In a nutshell, cloud-based accounting is secure, efficient, and convenient for any small business owner or entrepreneurs,” adds Dinucci.

The former college professor is aware of the fact that many small businesses and startups are bootstrapped and always thinking about how they can find more clients and save more money. The last thing they need is an expensive service they cannot afford.

“These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.”

Over 20 million startups and small businesses across the country would benefit from a cloud-service that may be even safer than the traditional method.

Frank Dinucci says that the biggest concern people have is security and privacy. Documents can be damaged by floods or fires, and they can also be stolen.

But when you run a service on multiple servers that are backed up regularly, it is almost impossible for them to be hacked.

While Dinucci understands the concerns most people have, he also believes that their hesitant behavior resembles the attitude most people had in the past regarding credit cards. When they realized how safe and convenient is, they started using them right away.

“People were so hesitant when it came to online banking for their personal accounts,” says Frank Dinucci. “Now everyone can access their banking on their smartphone via an app.”

The creator of the cloud-based service is confident that many businesses will leave behind the traditional accounting method to save money and time.

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