Frank Dinucci Helping Small Business Owners Become Familiar With Accounting

​The American workforce has shifted from delusional workers working for large corporate companies to entrepreneurship numbers booming at a large rate. Frank Dinucci is leading the charge when it comes to helping these small businesses know how to handle their books.

Statistics released by Forbes in 2013 show that they are over 28 million small businesses in the country while another 22 million people are self-employed. This has resulted in over 120 million people working for small businesses, which accounts for over 50 percent of the total working population.

There is a fine line between a mistake that you can correct instantly and the mistake that can close your business down.

Frank Dinucci

While many of these companies have a strong idea of what their business should do to be successful, many first-time owners are green in the aspect of their finances.

“There’s a lot more to accounting and keeping your finances than just debit and credit, general ledgers entries,” Frank Dinucci explains. “This is a comprehensive and complex system that with prior knowledge can be used to gain insight that helps make the business determine correct decisions.”

Entrepreneurs strive to make their products and services as efficient as possible, but along the way, owners ignore the importance of accounting and keeping your finances correct. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that these entrepreneurs typically operate in a highly competitive market with razor thin margins, which means they cannot afford to employ an individual or team of accountants to handle their books correctly.

“Mistakes happen almost all the time for first-time owners,” Dinucci adds. “There is a fine line between a mistake that you can correct instantly and the mistake that can close your business down.”

This is where Frank Dinucci’s expertise comes in.

Dinucci, a former Ivy-League accounting professor, has been traveling across the country to educate and spread awareness about the benefits and ways of error-free accounting. Dinucci also educates about the advantages of modern cloud-based accounting software, which can be used by small-business owners for easily keeping their accounts and books in order.

More importantly, this cloud-based software is a fraction of the price of hiring a real accountant, as it can be used to generate accounts and keep records. The problem is not many entrepreneurs are aware of the benefits of cloud-based accounting, which Frank Dinucci tries to make light of during his workshops.

When it comes to the cloud-based software, and comparing the system to having a person or team of accountants handling your books, these small businesses have shown to be able to save a lot in overheads in addition to gaining significant freedom which helps them gain maximum potential for their company.

Logan Cassell is the owner of a local small bakery in Chicago and has benefited from attending Frank Dinucci’s workshops. 

“I have already figured out a few tweaks and tricks when it comes to keeping the finances of my business, but also saving money,” Cassell explains. “I’m in a much better position to do my taxes and my training has equipped me with the tools necessary to handle legal disputes on my own, properly.”

It's stories like this one that makes what Dinucci does on a daily basis worthwhile.

“When I speak to these owners five or six months from the time of the workshop, they glow with delight about the money they are saving from doing their own books. It really is rewarding.”

Cassell smiles as he adds, “It is refreshing to see people like Frank Dinucci putting others ahead of themselves. We can all take a page out of Dinucci’s book and help the people around us to get closer to realizing their dreams.”

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