Frank Dinucci Easing Minds of First-Time Small Business Owners on Cloud-Based Accounting

​Starting a small business is a time-consuming and stressful time for any entrepreneur. One of those responsibilities when it comes to owning a small business is figuring out who will handle the accounting and financial affairs of the company.

Former college professor Frank Dinucci is traveling the country and easing the minds of small business owners and entrepreneurs by stressing the correct usage of cloud-based accounting for their respective business.

In a nutshell, cloud-based accounting is secure, efficient, and convenient for any small business owner or entrepreneur.

Frank Dinucci

“In a nutshell, cloud-based accounting is secure, efficient, and convenient for any small business owner or entrepreneur,” explains Dinucci, who has years of experience in accounting and the financial world. 

“These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.” According to statistics released by Forbes in 2013, there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States, and over 22 million people are self-employed. With those numbers, these small businesses are employing over 120 million people. And those numbers are increasing yearly.

The practice of cloud-based accounting is similar to the traditional, on-site world of bookkeeping, but the software used for cloud-based hosting is on remote servers. Data and the small business financials are sent into “the cloud,” where it is processed and analyzed instantly into reports. All application or software functions are performed off-site, not on the user’s or owner’s desktop.

The big draw that Frank Dinucci is seeing for small business owners and entrepreneurs is being able to access these reports and full financial data on the company at any time of the day, via their phone or computer.

At home, on the train, at lunch; all of these places can now become the small businesses’ accounting headquarters with cloud-based accounting. The software updates the financial information automatically and provides financial reporting in real time. This provides the owner’s ability to trust that all of the information they are reviewing is always accurate and fewer errors are being made, which is bound to happen with manual entry.

Frank Dinucci stresses the safe and secure practice of cloud-based accounting. For small business owners, it’s safer and more reliable than storing your valuable financial data on your own computer. These lead to the possibility of having that computer stolen or misplaced, which would make it extremely difficult to recover that lost data.

All of the reports and data with cloud-based accounting is stored on secure servers and delivered to the owners and entrepreneurs over the internet. There are also regular backups of this information. 

“People were so hesitant when it came to online banking for their personal accounts,” Dinucci adds. “Now everyone can access their banking on their smartphone via an app. This is similar to cloud-based accounting; being able to access all the information instantly in a safe and secure matter.”

Overall, small business owners and entrepreneurs are impressed and relieved with the amount of time they are saving switching to cloud-based accounting.

A recent survey of 500 small business owners saw around a quarter of those asked said they are saving up to two hours per week with cloud-based accounting. Over 40-percent saved three to seven hours.

“Not only are they able to access their information quickly, they are saving time in accounting and are able to focus on more important matters of the company,” Frank Dinucci proclaims. “Talking to these people six months down the road and hearing the stories and freedom they have received with cloud-based accounting makes the time and travel well worth it.”

Source: Web Presence LLC