Frank Dinucci Creates Cloud-Based Service, Saves Businesses Both Money and Time on Their Taxes

​​Frank Dinucci is helping startups and small businesses with his cloud-based service that fulfills any accounting or financial need.

The former college professor understands the tendency of many businesses, especially in the beginning, to neglect the accounting, reporting, and tax portions of running a business and focus on what they do know best. Instead, they hire an accountant without knowing that there is plenty of work to do on their side too.

These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.

Frank Dinucci

Accountants are not only expensive but they cannot take care of all of the financial aspects of your business. You would still need to do the reporting yourself, which can take quite a lot of time.

There are many inconveniences that slow down the process when using the traditional method too.

Startup owners and small business owners are always in a rush. When it comes to calculating the budget for a certain amount of time, they need to know how much they owe in taxes.

In order to figure this out, you need to give phone calls, wait until your account checks how much you owe in taxes, and so on. This process slows down any business that needs to calculate their budgets as quickly as possible, not to mention that an accountant charges quite a bit for their services simply because the whole process is quite complicated.

Frank Dinucci wants to transform the way startups and small business owners deal with their taxes and make the process easier and less expensive. The former professor created a cloud-based service that can help business owners handle their own financial reporting without spending money on an accountant.

The cloud-based service is also more convenient since the data can be accessed in the blink of an eye from a smartphone, desktop, or laptop, anywhere and at any time. This way, small business owners are always in control without having to spend thousands of dollars on an accountant that makes things a little bit more complicated, from reporting to helping the business find out how much they owe.

“In a nutshell, cloud-based accounting is secure, efficient, and convenient for any small business owner or entrepreneurs,” says Dinucci.

The former college professor knows the industry well. As a result, it is easy for him to identify the main pain points of business owners when it comes to accounting.

“These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.”

Frank Dinucci now travels around the country to talk to startup and small business owners about his cloud-based service and how it can help them save money and time.

There are over 28 million startups and small businesses across the country that pour quite a lot of money into accounting. Dinucci hopes that many businesses will be open to the idea of using his service to save money.

Frank Dinucci knows there are some concerns regarding the security and the privacy of the data in a cloud-based service. However, he explains that the system is almost impossible to break.

Physical documents can be damaged by fires or floods. Even worse, they can be stolen, but digital data that is stored on multiple servers cannot be lost.

The servers also run regular backups to keep the files safe. If something happens, anyone can recover their data within seconds.

Another positive aspect of a cloud-based service is the fact that you can both save time on reporting and on checking how much you owe to the government.

Frank Dinucci believes that we used to be hesitant about new technologies in the past too. But when we realized how easy they make our lives, we adopted them right away.

“People were so hesitant when it came to online banking for their personal accounts,” says Dinucci. “Now everyone can access their banking on their smartphone via an app.”

The creator of the cloud-based service is confident that many will benefit from his work. He hopes that soon enough most businesses will use the new accounting technology.

Source: Web Presence, LLC