Frank Dinucci Creates a Cloud-Based Accounting Server for Entrepeneurs

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When starting a business, accounting and financial affairs are often the last things small business owners need to worry about. However, they are quite important.

One of the responsibilities that many entrepreneurs have no idea how to handle is accounting and financial affairs. Hiring an accountant can be expensive, and often times reporting takes time. Every time a business owner wants to know how much he owes to the government, he has to give phone calls and wait.

These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.
Frank Dinucci
Frank Dinucci, a former college professor, is traveling across the country to show business owners that there is a better alternative to hiring an accountant: a cloud-based service that can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

“In a nutshell, cloud-based accounting is secure, efficient, and convenient for any small business owner or entrepreneur,” adds Dinucci, who has a lifetime experience in accounting.

The former college professor adds that it would be easier for business owners if the system would be simplified.

“These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business,” explains Dinucci.

The cloud-based accounting software is the brainchild of Dinucci, and he believes that with over 28 million small businesses in the United States, there will be plenty of people who need his services to make their lives easier when it comes to financial and accounting needs.

The creator of the cloud-based accounting software believes that this option has all of the advantages of the traditional method without the downsides of standing in lines, scheduling appointments, or waiting to see how much you have to pay. Dinucci guarantees that all the data that is sent to the cloud-based software is safe because none of it is actually saved on the computer of the client, despite clients being able to check their status on their phones or desktops.

One of the biggest advantages of this method is that any business owner can see his full financial reports without having to give calls or drive to the headquarters. Everything can be accessed and shared with others through a smartphone or computer.

The owner of the cloud-based accounting software also explains that keeping your data in different servers is safer than keeping your data on a computer that can be stolen or hacked. Frank Dinucci created a system where all the data is stored on multiple servers with regular backups, and the information is sent over the internet, which makes it easier for small business owners to recover their lost data.

“People were so hesitant when it came to online banking for their personal accounts,” says Dinucci “Now everyone can access their banking on their smartphone via an app. This is similar to cloud-based accounting; being able to access all the information instantly in a safe and secure matter.”

Frank Dinucci is quite proud of his work, especially after he found out the results from a survey where over 500 small businesses were asked how much time they were saving per week by using the software. Over 40% said they are saving up to seven hours per week just because their accounting is now simplified.

Frank Dinucci is glad that his brainchild is now helping small business owners all over the country focus on things that matter the most instead of wasting valuable hours every week on accounting and financial matters. The creator of the cloud-based software also mentions that all the traveling and the work was worthwhile due to the positive feedback from his clients.

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