Frank Dinucci Created a Cloud-Based Service for Startups and Business Owners Who Want Low-Cost and Convenient Accounting

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Frank Dinucci, a former college professor, created a cloud-based service that can help any business with their accounting and financial needs. Many business owners don’t think about taxes, accountants, and reporting, but they should! Reporting takes quite a lot of time, and accountants can be quite expensive too, not to mention the inconveniences.

Each time business owners want to know how much they owe in taxes, they have to make a phone call and wait. These types of situations can slow down businesses because business owners don’t know how much they can spend right away.

These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.

Frank Dinucci

Frank Dinucci noticed an opportunity in a cloud-based service that can help small business owners handle their own financial reporting without having to hire an expensive accountant. He wanted to give people instant access to all data from any location and device.

“In a nutshell, cloud-based accounting is secure, efficient, and convenient for any small business owner or entrepreneurs,” adds Dinucci.

The man behind the cloud-based service has quite a lot of experience himself and knows how complicated and long the process can be.

“These small business owners should be able to handle their book, do it well, and not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for someone else to do it miles away from the business.”

The former college professor came up with the idea of a cloud-based accounting service when he realized how expensive accounting services are for over 28 million startups and small business in the U.S.

He believes there are a lot of people who can save money and store their data in a safe and convenient manner while maintaining all the advantages of the traditional approach but adding a layer of safety and convenience to it.

When it comes to safety, Dinucci guarantees that a cloud-based service is more secure since the data is not actually stored in one place.

In fact, it’s not in the office nor on the desktop or phone of the client. Rather, the data is saved on different servers. This makes it impossible for the data to be lost or hacked. On top of this, the system is programmed to run several backups in case something bad happens to the servers.

Documents can be damaged or stolen, but having data on multiple servers with regular backups protects you against this. Business owners can recover their data with just a few clicks.

Dinucci believes that soon enough everyone will use cloud-based services in a number of industries.

“People were so hesitant when it came to online banking for their personal accounts,” says Dinucci. “Now everyone can access their banking on their smartphone via an app.”

The former college professor believes that eventually, everyone will realize that cloud-based services are as safe as financial services. He also makes it clear that people shouldn't fear hackers in this case since multiple servers prevent attacks from taking place.

Frank Dinucci is confident and proud of his work. He believes that many people will benefit from his service since it is safe, convenient, and saves a lot of money for small business owners and startups.

After he found out that over 500 small businesses were saving up to seven hours per week by using a cloud-based accounting service, he knew that all of his work was beginning to pay off.

The creator of the cloud-based service wants startups and small businesses to focus all of their resources on things that matter to them instead of losing a lot of financial resources and valuable time on accounting.

Frank Dinucci is confident that soon enough more and more companies will adopt his low-cost solution to financial reporting and enjoy positive experiences with it.

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