Franchise Lawyer Charles Internicola Releases The "Franchising Your Business Interview Series"

National Franchise Lawyer Charles Internicola Interviews Successful Franchisors About The Franchising Process and How to Get Started.

National Franchise Lawyer Charles Internicola has released a series of interviews with start-up and existing franchisors. The "Franchisor Interview Series" offers insights and advice about:

(a) What it takes to franchise a business;

(b) The "franchising process";

(c) The role of a franchise lawyer; and

(d) Mistakes to avoid.

Mr. Internicola represents successful businesses and entrepreneurs who want to expand their business through franchising. Why did Mr. Internicola start and release this series of interviews?

"To provide business owners who are considering franchising an option with real world insights and experiences from business owners who have made the leap from successful business owner to franchisor."

The "Franchising Your Business" Interview Series is an ongoing series that is offered in both print and audio CD. The following interviews and CDs have been released to the public:

• Zabi Kator of guardNOW discussed informative aspects of franchising a business, such as the operations manual, quality control and controlled growth.

• Kirk Lance of Aprisa Mexican Cuisine shared helpful insights on choosing an experienced franchise lawyer, creating a system that can be duplicated and conducting research prior to franchising your business.

• Jacqueline Sanin of Salta! Jump Into Spanish imparted knowledge on the necessity of thoroughly evaluating your systems prior to selling a franchise, documenting your business system and hiring the right franchise lawyer.

Complimentary copies are available by request.

Franchisors interested in sharing their experience with franchising can request to be interviewed by calling 1-800-976-4904.

Successful entrepreneurs considering franchising a business and start-up franchisors interested in learning from the advice offered about franchising can do the following:

1. Order a complimentary copy of the "Franchising Your Business" Interview Series;

2. Order a complimentary copy of "The Franchise Formula: A Guide for Franchising Your Business in the New Economy" by Charles Internicola;

3. Read "How to Franchise Your Business: Part 1 - The Basics"; and

4. Contact The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. about franchising at 1-800-976-4904.


Charles Internicola is a franchise lawyer, a managing member of a successful franchise and author of various publications. To learn more about Charles Internicola and how he assists clients with franchising visit

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