Francesca Farago, Star of Netflix Hit 'Too Hot to Handle' Tells ALL!

Francesca gives unprecedented information about her breakup to Israel Bidur during an Interview with Israeli TV star Anne Zivi

During a friendly Interview with Israeli TV star Anne Zivi, Francesca Farago gave unprecedented information about her breakup with Harry, and says she feels more at ease dating women than men at the moment. She told the 'Israel Bidur' show the "real cause" of her breakup with Harry. Here you'll find an Exclusive Preview only with this private link to the interview:

The Full length Interview will only be released publicly tonight on the Israel Bidur Instagram and Youtube Channel on Thursday, July 30th at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

Link for the Israel Bidur Youtube Channel:

Link for the Israel Bidur Instagram: 

You can request a private link to the full interview from our office.

For any questions or other inquiries please contact

Source: Israel Bidur


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