Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN Adds Color and Flavor to Any Diet on TipsOnTV Blog

The Author of 'Eating in Color' Explains Why There are No Longer Any Excuses for Failing to Eat Healthy

Frances Largeman-Roth on National Nutrition Month

Frances Largeman-Roth is the go-to nutritionist for many network TV show. This superstar of healthy eating is bringing her passion for nutrition to show people how to choose healthier foods for March, which is National Nutrition Month. Frances discusses how to make quick, easy nutritious meals for busy families.


The key to staying on track is to give the body proper fuel, one go-to snack is Crunchmaster crackers. They are delicious, gluten-free, oven-baked crackers made from whole grains and seeds like brown rice, sesame, quinoa, and flax. Crunchmaster crackers' line of Multi-Grain and Multi-Seed crackers provide great nutrition for active lifestyles. Low in sugar and fat, it is around 15 crackers for just 120 calories. Plus, they are sturdy enough to hold up to healthy toppings and dips like a Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. For more information, visit


Many Americans are not getting enough fruits and vegetables, but Florida Orange Juice is a convenient way to help adults and kids alike bridge that gap since it counts as a serving of fruit. Most people know Florida Orange Juice best as an excellent source of vitamin C, but what they may not know is that it is full of other important vitamins and nutrients like potassium, folate, and thiamin, which offer a variety of health benefits. Plus, Florida Orange Juice never contains added sugar. Just be sure to check the refrigerated juice section of the local grocery store and make sure it says 100% orange juice. For more information, visit


There is serious nutrition power in a serving of almonds. Ounce for ounce, almonds are the tree nut highest in fiber and vitamin E and among the highest in protein at 6 grams, as well as hard-to-get magnesium. Plus, the portion size is as easy to remember as 1-2-3, one serving is 23 almonds. For great recipes, nutrition information, and educational tools, visit Also, sign the Almond Board of California’s petition to get an almond emoji at


The key to eating healthy while dining out is to make sure to choose a restaurant with better-for-you options, so go ahead and visit Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant for fresh and wholesome options to fuel a more balanced life! Enjoy new dishes like their Chopped Chicken Salad tossed in a house-made Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, Classic Tomato Soup, and Wild Blueberry Muffins. Sweet Tomatoes has also introduced health benefit icons that make it easy for guests to find menu items that fit their lifestyle. Known for its 50-ft. salad bar, scratch-made soups, pastas, breads, and desserts, Sweet Tomatoes gives guests the freedom to create healthful meals at an everyday value. For more information, visit


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