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Frances Largeman-Roth on National Nutrition Month

Frances Largeman-Roth is the go-to nutritionist for all the network morning shows. This superstar of healthy eating is bringing her passion for nutrition with some recommendations for choosing healthier foods for March, which is National Nutrition Month.


The American Heart Association recommends eating up to two servings of seafood a week. However, studies show that a majority of Americans are not eating enough seafood. Seafood is integral to people's health as it provides essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, which are needed for heart, brain, and eye health. When people buy seafood that is labeled with the Marine Stewardship Council blue fish logo, they are purchasing certified sustainable seafood that is good for health and the ocean, too. Buying MSC certified seafood helps protect oceans from overfishing and makes sure wild seafood is around for future generations. For more information and recipes like the Pollock fish parcels go to


One new favorite snack is Solely, which has the cleanest organic snacks made using pure, whole fruit. Solely makes their natural, 'good-for-you' snacks convenient. Like their one whole, fresh, organic mango cold-pressed into a strip, nothing else. Solely fruit jerky and dried fruit varieties are available for purchase on Amazon or at Whole Foods Market, and starting March 1st, look for their boxed spaghetti squash pasta, which is ready to eat in just five minutes! Use the store finder on to find locations near you!


As a nutritionist, one of Frances' favorite foods is oatmeal, specifically Bob’s Red Mill.  Made with gluten-free ingredients, including whole grain rolled oats and stone-ground Scottish-style oats, Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal Cups come in eight flavors, four organic, and each packed with seven grams protein or more. Single-servings make portion control a no-brainer, and the portable cups allow for stashing them anywhere like the desk for a healthy working breakfast or the car for on-the-go adventures. For more information, visit


Frances recommends everyone to check their diets and make sure it includes Pulses. Pulses are the group of super foods most people know as chickpeas, lentils, dry peas, and beans. They are a versatile go-to food choice for plant-based diets and the popular Mediterranean diet. There are a lot of great recipes on their website, like the Superfood Salad with Easy Roasted Chickpeas or Chickpea Flour Banana Bread. Research shows that adding just one half-cup serving of pulses to your diet 3 times per week can aid in weight management, reaching your recommended dietary fiber intake and more.


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