FRAMECAD Poised to Disrupt the Residential Housing Market in the US

The leader in steel framing construction brings software and hardware solution to the US market.


FRAMECAD, a leading provider of advanced steel framing technology, is excited to announce the launch of its residential offering in the United States. With a solid commitment to innovation, FRAMECAD aims to revolutionize residential construction by introducing advanced steel framing solutions to the US market. To meet the anticipated demand, FRAMECAD has recently opened a Customer Success Center in Las Vegas, providing comprehensive support, training, and product demonstrations.

To address the challenges developers and construction professionals face in delivering large-scale residential projects efficiently, FRAMECAD now offers tailored Cold Form Steel (CFS) solutions specifically designed for steel framing in residential construction. This groundbreaking solution aims to redefine the industry, empowering stakeholders to achieve remarkable outcomes.

"We are thrilled by the global response to our residential offerings, confirming FRAMECAD as a market leader in automated CFS construction," said Curtis Edgecombe, Executive Vice President of FRAMECAD Americas. "We are excited to bring our game-changing solution to the United States, where our residential offering is designed to deliver unparalleled speed, durability, and flexible options. It is perfectly tailored to meet the unique demands of the housing industry. This marks a significant milestone as FRAMECAD transforms construction practices in the United States with our innovative solution."

Steel construction provides significant benefits compared to wood. Steel is impervious to termite damage, a common issue wood-framed structures face. It is also suitable for seismic zones, offering resilience against seismic activities and ensuring building safety. Additionally, steel is non-combustible, resistant to intense wind and rain, and provides enhanced fire resistance and reliability in hurricane-prone areas. The non-porous nature of steel prevents moisture absorption and inhibits mold growth, ensuring structural integrity and occupant health.

General contractors benefit from streamlined project management through FRAMECAD software, which minimizes errors and material inconsistencies for smoother construction processes and reduces delays. The durability and accuracy of steel framing provide improved cost control and long-term savings for general contractors and their clients.

Fabricators experience increased operational efficiency with FRAMECAD's automated fabrication process for steel components, optimizing production efficiency and reducing labor costs. The consistent manufacturing quality minimizes errors and waste, enhancing customer satisfaction and the reputation of fabricators. Adopting advanced steel framing offers fabricators scalability and growth opportunities in the growing United States housing market.

With FRAMECAD software, architects, developers and builders gain unrivaled design flexibility, allowing them to customize construction according to specific needs. This adaptability enables incorporation of unique architectural features and unconventional building layouts, providing architects and builders with unparalleled creative freedom in their projects.

In conclusion, FRAMECAD's residential offering provides developers and owners in the United States with a superior alternative to traditional manual and wood-based framing solutions. To learn more, please visit


FRAMECAD is a leading provider of advanced steel framing technology, offering innovative solutions for the construction industry. With the launch of its residential offering in the United States, FRAMECAD brings its expertise and exceptional results to developers, general contractors, fabricators, architects, and detailers nationwide.