Fragrance Creators' Statement on Supporting Ground Movement of Essential Shipments

The association is advocating to protect the flow of fragrance inputs into essential products across the country throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Fragrance Creators Association issued the following statement in response to reports that shipments are being delayed at vehicular weigh stations in a number of states:

“The movement of fragrance shipments is imperative to meet the rapidly increasing need for cleaning and sanitizing products, and fragrance is a critical input into these “Essential Products.” Fragrance Creators members—after implementing strict COVID-19 worker protection measures—are adapting their production schedules to help ensure the supply of fragrances for safe and effective cleaning and sanitizing products are available. However, despite no travel restrictions being explicitly imposed on goods trade, several fragrance businesses have reported bottlenecks at various weigh stations throughout the U.S.

To facilitate the ongoing flow of essential fragrance supplies across the country, Fragrance Creators is engaging with state governments and providing its members with tools designed to reduce delays. The association has developed a customizable “COVID-19 ESSENTIAL SHIPMENT” CARD TEMPLATE, which can be used to inform authorities that the shipment at issue is an 'Essential Shipment.'"

Fragrance Creators responded immediately to the COVID-19 pandemic with decisive action. Following the release of its COVID-19 Action Plan, the association issued a letter to federal, state, and local elected officials and policymakers to protect the manufacture of fragrance, a critical input for cleaning and sanitizing products. It also provided “COVID-19 Essential Business” template letters and “COVID-19 Essential Worker” template cards, which are intended to educate authorities that the fragrance supply chain is included in the Federal government’s “essential business” designation and, therefore, should be exempt from state/local-mandated COVID-19-related closures.

Using Fragrance Creators Association as a coordinating platform, the association's Board of Directors, along with other leaders in the supply chain, are coming together (virtually) twice a week to share best practices and share best practices in an effort empower the fragrance industry to safely deliver more, collectively, during the COVID-19 crisis. On behalf of the fragrance industry, Fragrance Creators is continuing to proactively engage at all levels to support the need for increased manufacture of essential cleaning and sanitizing products during the pandemic.


Fragrance Creators Association is the principal trade association representing the fragrance industry. The organization’s member companies create and manufacture fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design, fine fragrance, and industrial and institutional products. Fragrance Creators also represents companies that market finished products containing fragrance as well as those that supply fragrance ingredients, including natural extracts and other raw materials that are used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures. Fragrance Creators produces Fragrance Notes, the publication of record for the fragrance industry, available in print and online at Learn more about Fragrance Creators at

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Fragrance Creators Association is the principal trade association representing the fragrance industry.

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