Fragrance Creators Establishes Next Phase Collaboration With California to Advance Fragrance Ingredient Transparency

The association has partnered with the California Department of Public Health to support accurate implementation of fragrance transparency laws and educate industry and consumers

Fragrance Creators established a next-phase collaboration with California regulators to ensure accurate implementation of the state's cosmetics fragrance ingredient communication requirements. Together, this will support industry compliance and advance consumer education and understanding of fragrance in cosmetic and personal care products. 

Today, during a panel session at the Chem Watch Cosmetics Regulatory Summit, Dr. Paula Johnson, PhD, MPH, Chief - California Safe Cosmetics Program, California Department of Public Health, and Fragrance Creators Vice President, Government Affairs and Legal, Amanda Nguyen, presented on fragrance ingredient communication. Dr. Johnson offered insights into California law, including the Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act. Nguyen provided an overview of the fragrance ingredient transparency landscape and highlighted the Fragrance Conservatory, an award-winning fragrance education resource.

"It is important to come together at events like the Chem Watch summit to work towards better ingredient transparency and more informed consumers," said Dr. Johnson. 

The California state regulations related to fragrance ingredient transparency require ongoing updating. The association has created customized, continually updated compliance tools for its membership and is pleased to serve as a partner to the Department to help ensure accurate updates and timely industry education. 

"We are grateful for the California Department of Public Health's ongoing partnership and are proud to serve as a resource to the Department," said Farah K. Ahmed, Fragrance Creators' President & CEO. "Strong leadership from Amanda and our staff team will continue to empower our members to drive responsible transparency and educate both consumers and the fragrance value chain at large."

Fragrance Creators remains committed to keeping all stakeholders informed and engaged, both as the industry implements legislation in California and as it continues to advocate for consumers' right to know and understand fragrance across all finished goods categories.


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Source: Fragrance Creators Association