Fragrance Creators Congratulates Treasured Member, Dionne Warwick, for Her Nomination Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

As the countdown to the announcement of the Class of 2022 continues, association members rally in support of one of their own, voting for Warwick's rise on the fan ballot leaderboard

Dionne Warwick

Fragrance Creators Association's network of over 1,700 member representatives are rallying to vote and help advance the nomination of one of its treasured members, beloved entertainer and fragrance entrepreneur, Dionne Warwick, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The five artists with the most votes will comprise a fan ballot that will be tallied with the other ballots when the 2022 inductees are selected.

For the first time in the association's history, one of its members has been nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Voting is open until April 29, 2022, and in a move emblematic of the association's strong community spirit, its membership is voting and encouraging others to join.

"I am deeply touched by the above-and-beyond support of my Fragrance Creators family—thank you to Farah and team, and my fellow association members," said Warwick. "I love that the organization values every voice and am impressed by their ability to inspire everyone to work together in beautiful harmony so we can support each other and deliver more good to the world." 

"Fragrance Creators' mission is to advance opportunities for every single one of our members to grow responsibly," said Cynthia Reichard, Co-Chair, Fragrance Creators Board of Directors and Executive Vice President, Arylessence. "We prioritize stewardship—going above and beyond—so when this unique occasion to support Dionne presented itself, we were thrilled to do so." 

"Today, the association's sense of community is stronger than ever before—we are aligned in values and have truly become a fragrance value chain family," said Robert Weinstein, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Fragrance Creators Board of Directors and President & CEO, Robertet USA. "Dionne being nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is incredibly special, and it is only natural for our members to gather in support of her."

"Fragrance notes, like music notes, are individual components that are artfully blended to create a melody that takes us on an emotional journey," said Farah K. Ahmed, President & CEO, Fragrance Creators. "Dionne exemplifies this music-fragrance connection and has been a tireless advocate for creative artists—from musicians to perfumers. We would be thrilled to see her inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Ranking among the 40 biggest American music hitmakers between 1955 and 1999, Warwick was recently nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has been presented with countless international awards and accolades. Formerly serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, she has pioneered various humanitarian and social causes and is an advocate for music fairness. Her successful signature fragrance, Dionne, was launched to the public in 1986 and, in response to popular demand, she has plans to relaunch it into the marketplace. 


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