Fox Ellis Sports and ELIAS Americas Create a Joint Venture With Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Solutions Provider Reprivata

The new venture, called IPrivata, will protect, enforce, and ultimately enable individuals to monetize their digital identity, utilizing Reprivata's patented approach, technology and software.


Fox Ellis Sports, a full-service talent, marketing, and blockchain technology agency, in partnership with ELIAS, a leading sports data rights and cyber advisory firm with offices in Boston and London, will hold the exclusive rights to provide IPrivata's digital identity Declaration CertificatesTM and Community of TrustTM (CoT) license agreements for its clients in the global sports and entertainment space.

IPrivata will provide exclusive CoT Service Provider agreements and technology to Fox Ellis and ELIAS as part of the venture. In exchange, Fox Ellis & ELIAS will distribute and integrate Declaration Certificates and CoTs to its global network of athletes, entertainers, artists, and musicians seeking to protect, enforce, and monetize their digital, data, and publicity/image rights in the evolving digital, media, and Web3 ecosystems.

"Given the exploding digital and data landscape, IPrivata's patented technology provides a significant first-mover advantage for Fox Ellis's clients and partners. By combining a unique perspective from IPrivata's leadership team along with exceptional tech solutions, Fox Ellis Sports is excited to partner with both ELIAS and Reprivata on this venture," commented Mike Browning, Managing Director of Fox Ellis Sports.

While incorporating blockchain and distributed ledger technology in its solutions suite, a key differentiator for IPrivata will be its ability to establish, maintain, and protect ownership of each clients' digital identity, public and social media footprint, sensitive personal, biometric, and health data, publicity and image (e.g., Name, Image, and Likeness - NIL) rights, and most importantly, legally enforce one's digital and data rights by leveraging Reprivata's IP and patents. The data rights platform, combined with ELIAS's legal expertise, allows IPrivata to offer a bundled solution to any athlete, agency, team, league, or collective bargaining group to help manage, protect, and monetize rapidly evolving digital identity assets.

"In our technology and data-driven world, athletes' data needs more protection and vigilance to thwart and respond to cybercrime, breaches, and security concerns. I'm delighted and honored to join my colleagues at ELIAS, Reprivata, and Fox Ellis to form IPrivata's new venture, which will enable athletes to regain control of their personal data, protect their digital assets, and enhance their privacy rights," noted Michael Clohisy, President of ELIAS Americas.

In a joint statement, Reprivata CEO Tom Smith and Reprivata Founder F. Scott Yeager said, "We believe this unique partnership ushers in a new era for digital rights management. The combination of these transatlantic partners, and integration of Reprivata's IP and patents, will empower individuals to own legal title and rights to their data across the globe." 

Media Contact: 

Gavin McFarland

Fox Ellis Agency


Source: Fox Ellis Sports