FOVE Launches v1.0 of Its VR Platform With Major New Eye Tracking Features

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FOVE, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of version 1.0 of its FOVE Virtual Reality platform with Eye Tracking. The major software update will unlock the full potential of FOVE0*, the world's first eye-tracking VR HMD.

Eye Tracking is considered an important standard feature in future VR HMDs for its use in Foveated Rendering**. In recent years, applications of Eye Tracking in VR have expanded into new areas, including the medical realm. Diagnosis of eye conditions, dizziness and drug impairment are all examples of growth areas. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, VR can aid in remote diagnosis.

In addition to the top-tier gaze tracking that FOVE has continually improved since the launch of FOVE0, the new FOVE Pro software upgrade, meant for researchers, includes new features such as the ability to measure eye torsion, useful in the diagnosis of various disorders. Also new is the ability to measure the contours of the eye, which can aid in the understanding of emotional expression. For researchers who work with patients with strabismus or amblyopia, a new system to allow calibration of one eye at a time has been added. Furthermore, FOVE will provide a VR video player that automatically exports eye tracker data with the pro version.

The FOVE Enterprise upgrade is geared towards companies that deploy Eye Tracking VR to end users at a larger scale. It includes new features such as single-point calibration, which is quicker than FOVE's traditional smooth-pursuit calibration and useful for kiosks where users come and go quickly. The calibration process can be skinned to fit the application or company theme. In addition, the enterprise version adds support for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX embedded computing platforms, reducing the cost and increasing the portability of deployments.

FOVE Pro and FOVE Enterprise are paid upgrades to the FOVE VR Platform. However, the standard version is also getting a boost. As of today, Ubuntu Linux is officially supported for all current and future users. This includes all VR features, such as the FOVE Compositor, and the full eye tracker.

* FOVE0 is the world's first VR head mounted display that has Eye Tracking in addition to conventional head tracking and positional tracking. For purchase inquiries, please contact us via our support form.
** Foveated rendering is a technique to reduce computational workload by reducing the quality of rendering in the periphery where the human eye is less sensitive to detail.

FOVE's developer SDK for C, C++, C# and Python has seen major APIs updates in order to access the new features, along with the plugins for Unity and Unreal engines.

Since the initial launch of FOVE0, FOVE has acquired deep development knowledge of VR HMDs and Eye Tracking. FOVE will continue to support researchers and developers to build their unique hardware and software through FOVE's development tools and by consulting and contributing to the industry.

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Founded in May 2014, FOVE is the world's first eye-tracking virtual reality headset aiming to revolutionize the entertainment and medical industries with gaze control in virtual reality interfaces.