Fourth Annual Engineering Biology Awards Recognize Excellence in Synthetic Biology Industry at SynBioBeta 2018

Public engagement, research, and leadership to be recognized

SynBioBeta, the world’s leading leading community of entrepreneurs, investors, and practitioners devoted to the responsible growth of synthetic biology, is pleased to announce that it will bring together the synthetic biology community to recognize excellence in the industry for the fourth annual Engineering Biology Awards.

This year's Engineering Biology award recipients are Dr. Christina Agapakis, Bryan Johnson, Jeffrey Kluzinger, Dr. Paul Fremont, and Dr. Richard Kitney.

Winners will be recognized at the upcoming SynBioBeta 2018 Conference, October 1-3 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, California.  John Cumbers, CEO and founder of SynBioBeta, will host the event and present the awards.

Dr. Christina Agapakis, Creative Director of Ginkgo Bioworks, will be recognized for her Excellence in Public Engagement. A biologist, writer, and artist interested in the future of biotechnology, Dr. Agapakis has collaborated with engineers, designers, artists, and social scientists to explore the connections among microbiology, technology, art, and popular culture. She is creating new routes for engaging the public about synthetic biology through her numerous works, including guest posts on SynBioBeta.

Bryan Johnson, founder of OS Fund, will be recognized for his Leadership in Synthetic Biology. Through the OS Fund, Johnson has invested in a number of early-stage science and technology companies working to benefit humanity through discoveries on the operating system (OS) level.

Jeffrey Klunzinger, co-founder of OS Fund, will also be recognized for his Leadership in Synthetic Biology. Through the OS Fund, Klunzinger is enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs focused on realizing advancements that are fundamental to our future.

Dr. Paul Fremont, co-founder of SynbiCITE, will be recognized for his Leadership in Synthetic Biology. Dr. Fremont has played a key part in the development of synthetic biology in the United Kingdom and was a co-author of the British Government’s UK Synthetic Biology Roadmap.

Dr. Richard Kitney, co-founder of SynbiCITE, will also be recognized for his Leadership in Synthetic Biology. A well-respected synthetic biology researcher, he helped develop the Imperial College Hub for Synthetic Biology, of which SynbiCITE is a part. He is also Chairman of the Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology, and Co-Director of the EPSRC National Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation.

“I am excited to recognize these true pioneers in the synthetic biology industry,” said SynBioBeta’s John Cumbers. “The field of synthetic biology has made incredible strides in enabling life-saving technologies and applications that will improve our world. Our success as a field stands on the shoulders of innovators like these.”

About the Engineering Biology Awards

In 2014, SynBioBeta created the Engineering Biology Awards as a way to celebrate the great science, engineering, and technologies being pioneered within the synthetic biology community. Previous award winners have included many of the pioneers of synthetic biology: Dan Gibson, Drew Endy, Alicia Jackson, Christina Smolke, Christopher Voigt and Rt. Hon. Lord David Willets.

About SynBioBeta

SynBioBeta is the leading community of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts devoted to the responsible growth of the synthetic biology field. The company hosts international synthetic biology conferences and events that bring synthetic biology community together several times each year, giving anyone the opportunity to meet with the bright minds building and shaping the bioeconomy.

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