Launches Transparent Pricing Tools - Shopping Made Easier, a specialty retailer of engagement rings and wedding bands has released new shopping tools to help consumers better understand budgeting and pricing. These pricing tools, typically only utilized by traders in the wholesale diamond industry are a sure way to understand diamond pricing.

Recently launched online platform,, has launched several new shopping tools that are sure to benefit online consumers. Online diamond shopping has been quite a mystery to many shoppers in the past. They've been overwhelmed with options, selection and random pricing practices that make things a bit unclear. Four Mine's new tools tackle those very painpoints and increase the level of transparency needed to make more confident purchasing decisions. 

When interviewing the founder, Anubh Shah, we've learned that customers experience a couple of painpoints in the engagement ring buying process. First, they struggle to identify the optimal diamond quality, once they've established a budget. Second, they don't know whether they are getting the best deal when getting close to the final purchase. "We've seen customers in the past really second guess themselves or outright be overwhelmed by the entire process." 

Four Mine's diamond tools  include a Diamond Price Estimator and a Diamond Assisted Search. The Price Estimator or Budgeting tool allows a consumer to choose a shape and a carat weight range. Based on that, it creates a grid identifying all the average prices per carat available for each combination of quality in the chosen carat range. "Tools like these are used by diamond traders. Retail consumers have never been exposed to such tools. By providing such a friendly and easy to understand experience, our goal is to steer consumers in the right direction from the onset," says Shah. Such a tool is great at helping a consumer manage expectations and understand what they can actually budget.

In addition to the Price Estimator, Four Mine now offers a Diamond Assisted Search. Because consumers are overwhelmed by the myriad of diamond choices, they need experts to provide suggestions on decision making. Four Mine has mimiced their in-store experience with this online tool. "When a customer comes into my office, I ask a basic set of questions that allow me to suggest the perfect diamond for each consumer. I thought, why can't I offer the same service online? Thus came the Assisted search," explains Shah. This tool is algorithmically built to make smarter decisions based on user responses within seconds. It offers the 4 best choices available out of over 150,000 diamonds! Incredibly enough, it can identify if a larger diamond might be available at a better price point.

These tools are sure to change the diamond shopping experience and increase the transparency consumers are accustomed to seeing with online stores. They are expected to reduce the sales cycle and increase conversions. These tools can be found in Four Mines shopping tools section: 

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