Four Revolutionary DOOGEE Smartphones Hit the Market With Futuristic Tech

4 Revolutionary DOOGEE Smartphones

Last month's exciting MWC event saw the debut of many smartphones. Besides the well-known handset brands, DOOGEE ( is one manufacturer that really impressed the tech field with the totally transparent DOOGEE TT, flip camera Mix 3, slide phone Mix 4 and flexible screen phone (model name unknown yet). Why did these four prototypes create a great sensation? The futuristic technologies involved may be the answer.

View the video of the DOOGEE Barcelona Conference:  

DOOGEE TT: Transparent Smartphone

“The character ‘T’ represents ‘Transparent,'” said Allen He, the Brand Promotion Director of DOOGEE. DOOGEE TT, an eye-catching smartphone in a see-through body, looks like a piece of totally transparent glass. This amazing design has caught attention since no circuit or component is visible while the user is able to proceed operation by touching both the front and rear screen. Upon further acquaintance, the significant part of this smartphone is made of a transparent touchscreen. Once the liquid crystal molecules inside the glass are stimulated by electric current, they will be rearranged to form text, icons and images. The whole view of the background can protect users from tripping and falling on unseen obstacles while walking.

DOOGEE Mix 3: Flip Camera Full-screen Smartphone

The concept of a “full-screen phone” has always been the pursuit of almost all the handset manufacturers, but even the most popular smartphone brand's premium model cannot achieve a real full-screen. DOOGEE concentrates on micro-innovation to create two ideal models, and one of them is a real full-screen phone with flip camera - Mix 3. What unprecedented tech is employed for this device?  First of all, Mix 3 applies an in-display fingerprint scanner to replace the Home key and ensure the integrity of display. At the same time, the front-facing camera is removed to a flip holder located on the back shell. Combining the front and rear cameras into one, this nifty flip holder can be stood up when taking selfies. This innovation completely solves the perennial issue of cameras.

DOOGEE Mix 4: Slide Full-screen Smartphone

Another achievement of DOOGEE micro-innovation is Mix 4. Mix 4 has been the hot topic online recently for it reduces the slide cover design of Nokia mobile phones debuted 10 years ago but with more advanced tech. It deftly allocates the front-facing camera, flash light and sensor on the back cover part under the upper slider. The user only needs to slide down the cover when using the front lens to snap. Furthermore, an in-display fingerprint chip will also be adopted to this 5.99-inch screen for the Mix 4. Referring to the pictures shown, Mix 4 will house dual rear cameras.

Unboxing video link of Mix 4: 

DOOGEE Flexible Smartphone

Flexible smartphone is the fourth revolutionary work of DOOGEE R&D team. Although the model name of this device is not announced yet, it boasts a full-display phone with nothing getting in the surface and is bendable lengthwise. With the larger and larger dimension display been produced, a folded panel is undoubtedly the best choice for users. DOOGEE takes good advantage of AMOLED screen to make some difference in a wider vision experience. 

Bringing forth the new through the old is the immortal pursuit for electronic industry. DOOGEE steps ahead of many other phone manufacturers to put forward, valuable and innovative ideals. Expect the mass production of the DOOGEE TT, Mix 3, Mix 4 and flexible smartphone!

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