Four Reasons to Choose Preservation Vinyl Siding With 0% Financing Options for Your 2021 Home Remodel

Builders Service Company is now offering 0% financing on Preservation vinyl siding installation.

Vinyl siding is often the best option for Seattle homeowners for home remodeling and construction, and those considering remodels in 2021 may be wondering who to go with. As of now, Builders Service Company is offering zero down, 0% financing on any vinyl siding Seattle installation project (OAC), for any of Preservation Vinyl Siding's style options.

Preservation Vinyl Siding is considered elite among homeowners. Some of the reasons why include:

1. Preservation has been manufacturing vinyl siding for over 65 years

Builders Service Company is proud to be part of Preservation's exclusive network of expert renovation specialists. For 65 years, Preservation has strived to provide innovative technology and elegant design in renovation supplies. Builders Service Company is here to help customers choose from an array of vinyl siding styles. 

2. Vinyl siding is made up of breathable materials, while other siding products trap moisture from winter weather 

Vinyl siding is an energy-efficient substitute for wood and other siding options. Builders Service Company uses Preservation's vinyl siding materials because it allows moisture to escape from boards and not get trapped in walls. This rain-filled time of the year poses a danger for old home siding. Many houses that use wood siding can experience the unpleasant effects of rotting when exposed to moisture. Seattle homes can sink in property value as siding wears away, diminishing the home's appearance and curb appeal. Preservation vinyl siding is the premier choice in protecting your home from moisture.

3. Other siding materials might contain chemicals, like silica, that are linked to some cancers

Builders Service Company offers safe, quality building materials including durable vinyl siding. There's a growing concern that fiber-cement siding, another common siding style, contains crystalline silica particles that could potentially cause installers to develop lung diseases. Cutting these materials can be very dangerous and release cancer-causing particles. The CDC reports that fiber-cement products can contain as much as 50% crystalline silica, a known cancer-causing substance. 

4. The exterior finish of vinyl and composite siding has a lifetime warranty, with no maintenance

The biggest advantage to a Preservation vinyl siding installation is the Lifetime Limited, Transferable Warranty promised to every customer. Other siding options like Hardie Board only come with a 15-year warranty for the painted surface. But Preservation's vinyl siding is long-lasting, requires no yearly maintenance, and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Builders Service Company is a proud partner of Preservation vinyl siding, and is glad to offer Seattle homeowners premier exterior renovation options! As trusted professionals with expert knowledge and practiced building skills, Builders Service Company is the premium choice for siding installation. Right now, we are offering 0% financing on siding, windows, and roofing projects, OAC. Call (253) 777-0866 now and start looking at options for your home today!

Source: Builders Service Company