Four Out of Ten B2B Purchase Attempts End in 'No Decision,' Study Finds

Challenger, Inc. Enhancing Service Offering Based on Increasingly Complex Buyer Journey 

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A recent study conducted by Challenger reveals the risks and complexities prevalent in today’s B2B buying journey, with buying groups averaging upwards of 11 stakeholders and 38 percent of purchase attempts ending in no decision. In response to the increasing difficulty global sales teams face, Challenger has launched a subscription-based service and platform called Activation that helps companies turn the research-backed Challenger selling approach into an organizational strategy through eLearning content, expert advice, enablement tools and more.

The company’s iconic approach to winning the complex sale was originally introduced in the best-selling book “The Challenger Sale,” published in 2011. Since, Challenger’s award-winning training and consulting programs have transformed sales, marketing and customer service teams at more than 600 companies, including SAP, Microsoft, and Siemens. The successful adoption of this model has not only strengthened mutually beneficial customer relationships, but it has created hundreds of billions of dollars in top-line growth for Challenger’s customers. Now, with Activation, entire organizations have access to a suite of on-demand courses, purpose-built tools, job aids, templates, diagnostics and assessment reports.

“To build future-proof organizations, B2B companies must continue to move beyond traditional, stand-alone sales training and embrace true commercial transformation,” said Challenger CEO Simon Frewer. “Through our partnerships with the world’s leading commercial organizations over the years, we’ve observed what the best of the best are doing to drive outsize growth, and Activation is the platform that allows all of our clients to implement these strategies at scale.” 

Activation’s online courses, resources and tools, available to the entire enterprise, extend the impact of Challenger’s existing instructor-led training programs and workshops. The platform subscription comes with access to a team of Challenger Consultants to guide implementation efforts, as well as access to Challenger Connect, a peer community of Sales and Marketing leaders connected through live events, webinars and online forums.

“Many organizations lack the resources needed to extend and sustain the immediate impact they see after live training,” said Dan Ericksen, SVP of Product at Challenger. “Now, we’re providing a service that allows businesses to coach the right skills, create the right messages, and engage the right customers at scale with a platform that evolves with their needs.”

Activation is an always-on subscription, which includes enterprise access to the Activation platform, Challenger Consultant support, and live learning and networking events for leadership teams. To learn more about Challenger Activation, watch this video.

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