Four New Year's Resolutions Travelers Can Fulfill at Solmar Hotels & Resorts This 2020

The collection of seven All-Suite properties proposes the best experiences for guests to kick-start their resolutions in Baja California Sur.

Temazcal Treatment at Playa Grande

​Every year, people set up New Year’s Resolutions as ways to improve themselves throughout the year, yet fail to complete them. With the start of a new decade, Solmar Hotels & Resorts presents four ways for guests to fulfill their goals for the new year while traveling to Los Cabos:

1.     Diversify Your Palate

Travelers are encouraged to explore new tastes, textures and flavors at Anica, the signature restaurant at Grand Solmar at Rancho San Lucas Resort Golf & Spa. Anica’s specialty on international fare and Baja-inspired dishes will challenge guests’ thoughts on the ‘traditional’, featuring sustainable & organic items. Chef Hector Lucas expertly crafts his menu with locally sourced produce so guests will begin the year with a discerning perspective of new ingredients.

2.     Reconnect with Yourself

At Playa Grande Resort Golf and Spa, guests can release the old and welcome the new by experiencing the Temazcal, an ancient steam method that allows one to start the new year with a cleared mind and fresh outlook. This traditional Mexican ceremony is led by a masterful expert who greets and guides guests into complete serenity using the power of the “Four Elements”. Next, the shaman lightly pulses the negative auras out of guests’ bodies. The ritual aims to create healing emotions and encourages guests to reconnect with their genuine selves and purpose.

3.     Give Back to the Community

There is no perfect time or place to do a good deed, and guests can take advantage of this while at the Solmar properties through Solmar Foundation’s Helping Hands tour. Guests will tour four organizations (San Juan Diego Shelter, San Miguel Nursing Home, Cabo San Lucas Orphanage, and Niños del Capitán) from 9 am to 11 am, every Wednesday and Thursday leaving from Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa.

4.     Grow Closer to Nature

Los Cabos is widely-known for its whale watching scene but only a few people are lucky enough to experience these majestic creatures jumping out of the water straight from their hotel – Grand Solmar at Land’s End Resort & Spa is one of them. From mid-December to mid-April, guests can step out of their comfort zone and witness one of nature’s most important gifts to Los Cabos, the Humpback and Gray whale migration. Guests will be able to enjoy the season by indulging in the whale-watching tour package, a journey that begins with roundtrip transportation to the hotel & marina, then are relocated to where whale activity is most prevalent on that day and given a hydrophone to listen to underwater whale sounds. The 2-hour excursion is guided by marine mammal experts who will provide guests a full understanding of these majestic creatures. 

Source: Solmar Hotels & Resorts