Four Industry Experts Launch New Tech Learning Company

Four long-time tech learning executives are excited to announce the launch of a new custom tech learning organization. The four co-founders have worked at, or with, all major tech learning organizations in the United States, and possess a combined 70+ years of tech learning expertise.

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Kelby Zorgdrager, former CEO of DevelopIntelligence and EVP at Pluralsight, Cole Frock, formerly with SkillSoft, Jeret Jenkins, formerly with Axcel Learning, and Bob Clary, formerly with DevelopIntelligence, have united to form bILTUp. 

Kelby Zorgdrager, Founder/CEO: Kelby has 28 years in the corporate learning industry. After building a successful ILT-first technical learning company, DevelopIntelligence, it was acquired by Pluralsight, and Kelby stayed on as EVP. While there, Kelby was dismayed to find that self-paced and instructor-led learning solutions were commonly positioned as competitors to one another, rather than complementary experiences. 

Cole Frock, Co-Founder and Head of Sales: Cole joins the team after previously working for SkillSoft as a Strategic Account Manager managing complex custom programs for its largest accounts. Cole has worked in tech learning for 20 years, including co-founding Skill Distillery, the nation's first VA-approved coding camp. 

Jeret Jenkins, Co-Founder and Head of Operations: Jeret possesses an extensive background of 5+ years in the instructor-led training sector, and brings a diverse skill set to our team. During his previous role at Axcel Learning-Web Age, Jeret focused on increasing the team’s agility by maturing their delivery operations to be repeatable and consistent. 

Bob Clary, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing: For 15+ years, Bob’s passion has been developing marketing strategies and industry partnerships for tech companies. Bob started his tech learning career at Webucator and has since worked with DevelopIntelligence, Pluralsight, and other tech-focused companies.

bILTup helps drive transformational change:

  • bILTadvisory: CLO-in-a-box offering
  • simplybILT: plug-and-play — lightly tailored instructor-led programs
  • custombILT: fully managed, highly customized blended instructor-led upskilling programs
  • bILTu: strategic customized reskilling transformations
  • bILT+: professional services suite augmenting the needs of L&D teams

bILTup features a heavily vetted, industry-proven instructor bench. Highlights include 155 instructors (and growing), offering up to 310 instructor-led training (ILT) days of delivery capacity per month.

The bILTup team focuses on the following technology areas: AI/GenAI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Engineering, DevOps, Cloud, Front-End, Back-End, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity, ITIL, Agile, and Mobile.

“Once my tenure at Pluralsight came to an end, I decided to take some time off, during which I began connecting with some of the biggest tech L&D leaders in the U.S.,” CEO Kelby Zorgdrager explains.

“To my shock, I discovered that those leaders were still struggling to find a learning partner who could deliver true, custom, blended learning solutions that drive transformational outcomes and lead to company growth. Coupled with the profound impact of AI on the ever-changing tech landscape, I decided to launch a boutique learning organization to solve these needs. And brought in the best tech L&D-focused team members in the country,” Zorgdrager adds.

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