Founder of Just Debate UK Meets President Barack Obama

Founder of Just Debate UK, Benji Fisher was invited to a talk held by President Barack Obama at Town Hall meeting today. Benji was inspired by Obama's words throughout his presidency and consequently set up Just Debate. Today was the icing on the cake and climax to a long running, high achieving project.

Today; Benji Fisher from Just Debate was invited to a talk held by the President of the United States Barack Obama as part of the Young Leaders UK initiative.

The president spoke to young representatives on a wide range of issues but especially highlighted the need for young ambassadors to encourage social action and positive politics.

As a politics student at the University of Birmingham Benji Fisher is passionate about the issue of political apathy. He has worked tireless over the past two and a half years to establish and develop a working website. In the past year, Fisher has managed to acquire a £40,000 investment and form a team of 40 journalists and specialists, all of whom share his dream of quelling the threat of declining youth participation in politics. 

Fisher launched the first official demo of Just Debate on Wednesday the 16th of March live on his student radio show with over 1000 listeners tuning in. More features will be coming in the months to come, making politics even easier to access and interact with. ​

For too long has the UK political system been rigid and unable to change. President Obama said in his answers today that it was necessary to have a thick skin and determination to get the change that you want to achieve.

Fisher has the determination to achieve his goals. His vision is to make Just Debate a platform that will:

1. Become an impartial resource/encyclopedia that everyone can access to learn about any political issue.
2. Be a useful education tool for revision or as a quick ‘digest’ of a recent, developing political issue.
3. Explain the political issues simply with the aim of engaging people in politics one step at a time.
4. Provide further reading once the basic foundations of a political issue have been understood.

Just Debate will be a useful resource of examples and political debates for GCSE and A Level students but shall also be serve as an educational tool for everyone and ending political apathy.

For further interviews and information about Just Debate or Benji Fisher's views on Obama's talk today. Call or Text 07935762225 

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