Founder of GAWK TALENT Excited to Coach Talented Siblings

David L. Brown, founder and CEO of Gawk Talent Management and Supra3 Entertainment, recently spoke about his role in developing talented, upcoming entertainment siblings, Alýssa Brown and Brandon Brown.

"I believe first and foremost, it's important to properly coach and train a prospective talent. Just like many things in life, you have to crawl before you can walk, and that takes time. But clearly, the talent is already there. I'm excited and I look forward to continuing the fun process of developing Lee and Brandon into highly successful entertainers, and to also assist them in making a great living for themselves throughout their adult lives."

About GAWK Talent Management™ and Supra3 Entertainment™: Founded in 2015 by David L. Brown, Gawk Talent™ and Supra3break from the mold of traditional talent management and entertainment companies, differentiating themselves from the norm. Fresh, hip, classy, and edgy, Gawk Talent and Supra3 strive to focus not only on the development and success of their clients and performers, but also on their individual success as positive contributors to society, and in giving back to the community.

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