Foundant Technologies Unveils Major Update to GrantHub Pro, Enhancing Nonprofit Grant Management in Partnership With Candid

GrantHub Pro

Foundant Technologies, a leading provider of technology solutions for nonprofit grant management, recently announced the most significant feature enhancements yet to its nonprofit solution GrantHub Pro. The major highlight of this Spring 2024 release empowers users to maximize their pre-award funding research using Funder Search, thanks to an exciting partnership with Candid

Funder Search, powered by Candid, allows nonprofit grantseekers to leverage over 28 million grants to gain deeper insights into grant opportunities. These valuable insights allow users to determine which opportunities to pursue and maximize an organization’s funding success by prioritizing right-fit funders. 

This major feature release allows users to simply input advanced search and filters. Results pages include information on Grantmakers, Grants, and Recipients, along with grant details such as "Amount Funded" indicating how much a grantmaker has funded based on specific search criteria. Once a nonprofit has determined the right-fit opportunities, it can effortlessly add funders with just a click and engage in detailed grant research complete with actionable items for its team. 

"We are excited to partner with Foundant Technologies to integrate Candid's grants data into GrantHub Pro. This collaboration empowers nonprofit organizations with easy access to valuable insights and resources, ultimately enhancing their ability to secure vital grant funding and drive meaningful impact in their communities," said Bunkie Righter, Senior Director of Sales at Candid.

In addition to Funder Search, Foundant introduces Grant Opportunity Budget to Actual reports, allowing users to create and manage budgets for each grant opportunity. This feature in GrantHub Pro helps organizations mitigate risks associated with overspending and underutilization. This ensures financial accountability and allows nonprofits to effortlessly share these budgets with funders to strengthen relationships and showcase their organization’s professionalism.   

"We are thrilled to introduce these enhancements to GrantHub Pro, which will undoubtedly increase grant writers' confidence to find and go after more grants and boost their organization's grantseeking activities," said Chris Dahl, CEO of Foundant Technologies. "With Funder Search and Grant Budget to Actual, our users can streamline their grant management processes and achieve greater funding success."  

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Source: Foundant Technologies

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