Fossil Farms Retail Product Line Set to Launch

Fossil Farms has been bringing sustainably raised, all-natural meat and farm-raised game to market since 1997.

Fossil Farms Retail Wild Boar Ground

Fossil Farms has developed a new line of retail products that is set to launch into specialty retail stores nationwide. The unique product line includes all-natural, farm-raised and wild game meats, like Bison, Elk, Venison, Ostrich, Wild Boar, Antelope, Duck, Quail, Pheasant and more. Fossil Farms, which started as an ostrich farm in 1997 seeking to produce all-natural, high-quality alternative meats for the NY Metro market of chefs and consumers, has grown to be one of the best producers and distributors of all-natural meats in the country. 

To quote Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ben Del Coro, "We are excited to introduce our line of premium all-natural meats to a national audience of conscious consumers who are seeking sustainably raised proteins. Our products are raised without the use of any added growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics or steroids. Our farms and ranches practice regenerative and holistic means of raising their animals with care to the animal and the environment. When not grass-fed and pasture-raised, animals are fed a vegetarian diet of premium grains. Our research and experience show us that consumers are demanding more options, and we're here to meet that demand."

Fossil Farms is a diverse organization with national distribution to wholesale accounts, nationwide shipping for e-commerce business, and their own retail store at the Boonton, NJ headquarters, which has recently launched a full-service catering company and food truck. When asked about the company's future plans, Ben Del Coro, VP of Sales & Marketing, says, "We're just getting started at 25 years in business."

Consumer demand is driving the growth of Fossil Farms, as chefs and consumers seek higher quality alternative proteins, with acute transparency in sourcing. Fossil Farms stands alone in their commitment to sourcing ethical products, establishing equitable partnerships and managing sustainable supply chains. 

You can find Fossil Farms' products in specialty retail stores nationwide and online at

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Ben Del Coro
Vice President of Sales & Marketing 
(973) 917-3155 x 307

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