Fortune Road Media Inc. Launches Envision TV, a New TV Network of Personal Development and Success Programs.

Network airs on several platforms, two of which are Amazon Fire TV & Comcast On-Demand in USA. Envision TV's distribution platforms reaches 140 million viewers.

​Fortune Road Media Inc.

Fortune Road Media Inc. Launches Envision TV, a New TV Network of Personal Development and Success Programming Built to Empower People Globally


LOS ANGELES, Feb 24th, 2016—Fortune Road Media Group Inc. Today announced the launch of its TV network, Envision TV.  Envision TV is a dedicated to offering positive and thought provoking personal development & business success programming. The programs feature content filmed over the past 30 years with global business experts as well as the world’s most respected leaders in personal development. The network is also creating original branded content.

The Personal Development market place reached $9.6B in 2015. The founders of Envision TV saw a need for a TV network that differentiated itself by delivering world renowned, legacy business and personal development content. Along with content partnerships, the network also produces new programming to help guide and empower viewers on their goals to personal success. Sean O’Riordan, company spokesperson, stated, “The network is truly a clearinghouse of knowledge from the world's most inspired thinkers who will engage and inspire our viewers. We are proud to be able to share our existing content and create new programs with our global audience”. 

One of the most unique features of Envision TV are it’s in-studio hosts. Each show on the Envision TV network is introduced by an in-studio host who provides background and interesting facts about the upcoming episode.  By having hosts for each show, Envision TV is doing for Personal Development what MTV did for music at its inception.

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Distribution - The Network airs on several platforms, two of which include Amazon Fire TV globally & Comcast On-Demand in USA.  Combined, Envision TV’s distribution platforms reaches over 140 million viewers. There are multiple additional platforms soon to be announced.

Programming is available globally online at which also connects to millions of mobile devices.

The company will also participate in exclusive personal and success development events held around the world to share the experience with viewers via streaming and other media channels.

Content - Two of the Network’s featured Content Partners, CEO Space and Secret Knock have been ranked 1st and 2nd for the last two years running by Forbes Magazine as the “Can't Miss” Conferences for Entrepreneurs in 2015 and 2016.

‘CEO Space Presents’ Envision TV is broadcasting, for the first time on air, many of the 1000 ninety minute episodes featuring the greatest on stage moments from CEO Space’s 30 plus years of interviews with the worlds business leaders.  The original Show content is updated and hosted by Envision TV’s in-studio hosts who give viewers interesting background and guidance on each and every episode.  This extraordinary library was appraised at $50 million dollars in 2015. 

‘Beyond The Knock’ offers a never before seen VIP look at the exclusive “Secret Knock”.  This bi-annual event is built around forward-thinking presentations from high-profile presenters who have achieved incredible business outcomes and spearheaded wide-scale social change. Entirely filmed on location at Secret Knock, the show features some of the most powerful and influential leaders of our generation including; Author and Secret Knock founder, Greg S. Reid, Frank Shankwitz - Founder, Make A Wish Foundation, Sharon Lechter - NY Times best selling Author, Rich Dad Series & Richard Cohn - Publisher, The Secret. The private "invite only" gathering is the ultimate forum for high achievers and has never been seen before on television.  The key ingredient of Secret Knock is TED-style presentations from individuals who are pioneers of change, life lesson experts, and advocates of collaboration.

Along with content partner shows, Envision TV is producing an additional 15 diversified TV shows, each one tailored to help people through the power of Personal Development, Success Development and self-improvement content. The company plans to release 8 new shows in 2016 and 7 more in 2017-2018.

Fortune Road Media Inc, based in Los Angles, California, was founded in 2015 to be a fully integrated media hub with the ability to produce & publish state of the art digital media productions and content. The company is also involved in mobile gaming & productivity applications and multiple cross-media projects that further the company’s ability to reach and affect a global audience.

Fortune Road Media is in ongoing discussions with global co-production partners and distributors dedicated to personal & success development content to help further its global reach and spread empowering information around the world.

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