Fort Wayne Business Boasts American-Made Success Story

Double Space Audio Rack

Audio Vault USA is bringing high-quality American-made audio racks to consumers for home and commercial use.

The Fort Wayne-based company, which offers high-end exotic woods and aircraft aluminum, was founded in 2014 and has grown considerably. While the company is small, featuring a need to a niche market, it still has employees and multiple suppliers. In just three years’ time, the company has earned a reputation as the source for niche racks and display units.

While the company offers primarily pre-built audio racks, they do on occasion offer custom orders, which can be made to fit any application. The company’s specialists know how to create your dream system that will transform your sound stage and become an iconic part of your home. Too, the American-made status cannot be over-stated.

“There's no better time than now to bring back U.S.A.-made products,” says Audio Vault USA President Dave Vincent. “Everyone wins when jobs stay local. And there’s no substitute for the attention to detail and quality that comes with domestically produced goods. Our products solve a problem for high-end audio and have a solution. Put simply, our solutions are unrivaled in today’s marketplace.”

For more information about Audio Vault USA, visit At the company website, you can also find links to articles from other audio source magazines and more.

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Source: Audio Vault USA


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