Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense: Looting Charges Increase in South Florida After Hurricane Irma

At least 16 people from all ages were arrested in West Palm Beach after Hurricane Irma on looting charges.

At least 16 people from all ages were arrested in West Palm Beach after Hurricane Irma on looting charges. More than 50 have been arrested in Miami. Looting charges tend to increase after hurricanes as the appeals of dark streets, no power, and limited emergency officers increase the changes of successful theft. However, there is another side to the story. As hysteria rises, chances of being wrongfully arrested for looting tends to be on the rise as well.

But why do wrongful looting charges rise? The answer is simple; people put in stressful situations may see something that may not have actually happened. Additionally, the limited visibility may make it hard to identify the actual suspect. In the time since 1990, when projects like the Innocence Project arose, which strive to find justice for those wrongfully convicted of crimes, it has been determined that 73 percent of wrongful convictions stemmed from eyewitness testimony.

Police officers are also on high gear, as the allure and rate of crimes tend to increase during the times after natural disasters. Broward County Sheriff’s Office tweeted “ATTENTION LOOTERS; every incident will be investigated. Evidence collected will be used to pursue charges after the fact.” However, this may mean that the pressure to perform can be a cause for mistakes.

So, what should you do if you are wrongfully arrested for looting? Calling an experienced attorney should be your first step. A South Florida Lawyer like Gary Ostrow can help you put together a plan to maximize your chances of acquittal. Gary Ostrow says, “There are those of an opportunistic nature who when the circumstances present themselves will, unfortunately, victimize those in their path. This is a sad but accurate reality of criminal activity in the worst of times.”

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