Former Science Teacher Hopes to Inspire a Generation with a Science Education Novel Aimed at Young Readers

Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye Cover

​Author and science educator J.G. Kemp is pleased to announce the release of “Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye”, the first book in a science-education fiction series for middle-grade readers, written in the tradition of adventures such as “Harry Potter” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

Brimming with mystery, suspense, and the wonders of the night sky, Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye is available now through Amazon and most national book sellers, in print and eBook.

"Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye is about an 11 year old girl, who finds herself on a mysteriously abandoned island, where she and four other children explore the vacant estates-of-science left behind by a secret society."

J.G. Kemp, Author

“As a high school science teacher, I noticed that many of my students, when they were younger, read a lot of fantasy adventure,” said J.G. Kemp.  “I searched and searched, and read books my own 9 year old daughter was reading, and I couldn’t find an adventure series that revolved around real science, so I started writing one.”

Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye is about an 11 year old girl, who finds herself on a mysteriously abandoned island, where she and four other children explore the vacant estates-of-science left behind by a secret society,” Mr. Kemp explained.  “And while solving the mystery of the island, and her own past, Mary discovers a love of astronomy.”

“The book creatively explores myth, science history (with references to Galileo's Starry Messenger for example), and science methods and discoveries, such as how to photograph the Andromeda Galaxy, but most of all, the story is exciting, and my hope is that readers will absorb some science and wonder as they are swept away on the adventure.”

Although the book is directed at 8-12 year olds, “my team of reviewers and readers of all ages have enjoyed the story, especially teachers and people with a background or career in science."

“The book could be particularly useful for 5th or 6th grade teachers who are looking for something to give to students who finish a lesson early or who love to read.  There are so many science-education kits and websites and videos out there, but I don’t know of any exciting science-education novels for this audience and I hope to fill that gap."

A great read and a great gift for anyone who loves science and adventure, this is a one-of-a-kind, enormously fun, and educational book:  Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye, by J.G. Kemp.

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Book Details:

Title:  Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye
Series:  The Journals of Evergreen Isle, Book 1
Author:  J.G. Kemp
Published by:  CreateSpace
c/o Stories in Science
602 Paradise Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
ISBN: 978-1539778158, $10.99, paperback, 196pages, available through Amazon


Like the mythical princess Andromeda, who was chained to a rock by her parents and left to be devoured by a terrible sea monster, 11 year old Mary Andromeda is powerless – held captive in her cruel uncle’s mansion since her mother left her, six years ago. But when an unexpected gift and a sudden turn of events brings her to Evergreen Isle, a mysteriously abandoned island-of-science, she begins to learn the truth: about her mother’s departure, the plans of a secret society, and her own place in an ancient family of astronomers.

In the first book of The Journals of Evergreen Isle series, author J.G. Kemp weaves the wonder of astronomy, technology, and science history into a fast-paced, adventure mystery, set in the near future.

About the Series:

The Journals of Evergreen Isle series is a middle grade, adventure mystery, science education book series by author, illustrator, and science educator J.G. Kemp.  The series follows the adventures of five children as they discover their hidden past and their connection to Evergreen Isle, the mysteriously abandoned island-of-science developed by the Royal Fellowship Society, an elite and secretive group of scientific nobility. 

Events and people in science history, science content, emerging technologies, and perennial issues involving science and society, are seamlessly woven together with an unrestrained tone of wonder in this fast-paced, coming-of-age, adventure.  The series highlights science practices such as problem solving, collaboration, skepticism, and most importantly, curiosity.

About the Author:

Before beginning The Journals of Evergreen Isle book series, J.G. Kemp taught high school Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Biology, and Physics.  He holds degrees in both Educational Curriculum and Instruction, and Visual and Performing Arts, from the University of Colorado.  He enjoys mountain climbing, stargazing, visiting National Parks, and exploring alleyways and old trails.  He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, with his family, abundant sunshine, a glorious backyard garden, and the great mountain ever calling him home.

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