Former Katy Industries CEO David Feldman Leveraging Leadership Experience

​After leading Katy Industries for over eight years as CEO and more than 20 years in senior management positions, David Feldman is putting his proven track record of success to helping establish DJF Enterprises, LLC, which is a consulting management company.

The success Feldman had at Katy Industries was based on turning the company from a loss to profitability through improving the core operations and strategic acquisitions and divestitures. To improve business operations, Feldman focused the company on the janitorial and retail storage segments to bring the company back to profitability.

In 2011, after only a few years at the helm of Katy Industries, David Feldman was able to retire the majority of Katy’s debts, as well as give much-needed cash for capital investment for future ventures.

Two events during that year that lead to these results were; first, divesting the DISCO division of CCP for proceeds of $19 million, and second was signing a new credit agreement with the Private Bank and Trust Company, which provided Katy Industries greater flexibility in advancing their strategic plan.

While those decisions were key factors to the turnaround of Katy Industries, David Feldman also continued to stress the importance of four core concepts that were designed to improve customer satisfaction while also maximizing shareholder value. Those four core concerts were Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Focus on Cash, and Niche Market Mindset.

Feldman was also extremely excited to report improvements in Katy’s plastic manufacturing, as he was able to report reduced labor costs and improvement in schedule attainment rates. These feats were important to the sustained success and profitability of the company.

Under Feldman, Katy Industries successfully completed the integration of their Fort Wayne Plastics acquisition in 2014, which is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The additional capacity of structural foam provided support for Katy’s future and continued growth, while also providing a wider platform for contract manufacturing.

At the end of 2014, David Feldman was proud to announce that Katy Industries had achieved a 27.3-percent increase in sales growth versus the prior year and $2.5 million net income for the company.

In 2015, Feldman and Katy saw double-digit sales growth, which was possible through continued success with their, brand recognition, and expansion of sales. They were also able to acquire an Ohio-based injection molding manufacturing facility and its existing home storage product lines.

This was a huge acquisition for Katy, as they were able to strengthen their position as a premier supplier into the $9.4 billion home storage market.

This acquisition lead to an improved 2015 when David Feldman announced that Katy Industries operating income improved by $2.6 million, and saw a sales increase of 14.3 percent.

Feldman expects to be able to leverage his experience at Katy Industries as well as his years of experience as President of Air Serv and President of Cooper Lighting. Currently, Feldman has been working with a number of startups through Thayer Cooper and is the CEO of Shelves West, a plastics molding manufacturer serving the retail industry.

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Source: DJF Enterprises, LLC

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