Form Bio Announces In Silico Assays, Enabling Gene Therapy Companies and Their Research Partners to Accelerate the Vector Discovery & Development Process

New Capabilities Empower Gene Therapy Developers to Explore a Broader Range of Vector Designs and Rapidly Identify Candidates Best Poised for IND Speed and Success

Form Bio, the provider of advanced computational life sciences technology, today announced the launch of In Silico Assays, a new set of capabilities for computationally screening vector designs prior to in vitro screening. In Silico Assays are now available and generate reporting comparable to those of lab-based screenings. The first In Silico Assay report to be made available will be for full-partial capsid screening, which generates a risk assessment of vector genomes, process impurities and immunotoxicity including insights typically surfaced in conventional analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) and mass photometry assays. Researchers can learn more and start using the service at

Gene therapy companies are under intense pressure to advance their lead drug candidates to IND as quickly and with as little risk as possible. Each round of creating and producing new vector designs can take six to eight weeks, resulting in overall vector discovery and development timelines that span years.

In addition, there are only limited ways for vector researchers to explore their full universe of potential vector sequences — making the identification of a lead candidate expensive and high risk for gene therapy companies.

“We consistently hear from our gene therapy customers about the challenging trial and error involved with generating, producing and testing their vectors,” said Andrew Busey, co-founder and co-CEO for Form Bio. “Our new In Silico Assays capability empowers vector researchers to utilize fast and inexpensive in silico screening to ensure the best possible use of every moment and dollar spent downstream on lab-based in vitro screening.” 

Created for the needs of gene therapy researchers and their research partners, In Silico Assays empower scientists to:

  • Screen large vector libraries in under 24 hours and quickly eliminate poor designs
  • Significantly reduce vector discovery costs by filtering poor designs before production
  • De-risk vector discovery by creating and screening broader vector libraries focused on optimal designs

In Silico Assays are available online, are easy to run and generate reports that:

  • Provide data comparable to those found in traditional assays (initially AUC and mass photometry)
  • Present actionable insights for eliminating and prioritizing vector designs prior to production for lab-based screening
  • Include a risk assessment of vector genomes, process impurities and immunotoxicity factors

By utilizing Form Bio’s In Silico Assays, gene therapy companies, as well as CDMOs and CROs, can recognize these powerful benefits:

  • Understand the risks associated with vector designs rapidly and before in vitro screening
  • Evaluate broader vector libraries built around optimal sequences with higher probabilities of success in downstream development stages
  • Shorten discovery and development timelines by focusing in vitro screening cycles on only the most promising in silico screened candidates
  • Reduce vector development costs by avoiding production of poor or low-potential vector designs and by lowering wet lab infrastructure needs

In Silico Assays are now available for gene therapy companies, CDMOs and CROs at

About Form Bio

Form Bio provides award-winning software and AI solutions for cell and gene therapy leaders. By combining data, technology and expertise, Form's solutions accelerate timelines from discovery to clinic by providing drug developers with rapid in silico characterization, prediction, simulation and optimization of their therapeutics — enabling higher yields, enhanced safety and shorter, less-expensive development cycles. With cross-disciplinary expertise spanning software engineering, biology, bioinformatics and data science, the Form Bio team collaborates closely with customers on their most pressing and strategic challenges and opportunities. For more information, visit or follow the company at

Source: Form Bio