Forklift 101 Raises the Bar for Online Forklift Parts Retailers

Over 8 Million Forklift Parts and Same Day Shipping Now Available!

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Forklift 101, one of the nation's leading online forklift parts retailers, has announced the launch of its new website that now makes over 8 million forklift parts available for online purchase and same-day shipping. 

The site will now feature parts for over 800 forklift brands that range from standard replacement items like batteries and tires to replacement forks, remanufactured engines and everything in between.

The company, which began as AZ Metroway, a forklift repair shop in Colton, CA, has evolved into one of just a handful of online forklift parts retailers that serve the entire continental United States with online parts delivery. Owner/Operator of Forklift 101, Jose Murguia, remains committed to serving the local community with his brick and mortar repair shop while also building and scaling his online business.

"Our e-commerce business is where we're seeing the most growth, but I think it's important that my team and I keep our hands a little greasy," joked Murguia. 

"We don't just sell forklift parts. We use our knowledge of the industry and experience in repairing forklifts to help customers find the right part and provide installation guidance when it's needed."

The new site touts its "PartFinder Services" which allows users to submit part inquiry requests online and provides a phone number to instantly connect to a Forklift Parts Specialist for help.

Murguia continued by talking about their commitment to speed and affordability. "I know how painful it can be for an operation when they're down a truck or two. So, our focus is getting the right parts shipped the same day they are ordered and in hand as soon as possible."

This and their price match guarantee are what keep customers coming back to Forklift 101, stated Murguia. "With inflation and gas prices continuing to rise, reducing forklift fleet costs has never been more important. We get that."

The company is headquartered at its brick-and-mortar facility in Colton, California, found online at and by phone at 888-508-7278. Murguia stated that while the newly rolled out site is still in its infancy, he'll personally be manning the phones to stay connected to the needs of his customers and offer his 20+ years of experience in the material handling industry to anyone who calls.

About Forklift 101

Forklift 101 is one of the nation's leading online forklift parts retailers, serving the continental United States with over 8 million forklift parts, 800+ brands, and same-day shipping. Formerly AZ Metroway, a repair shop still operating in California, Forklift 101 has grown and evolved into a trusted resource for thousands of forklift owners and Fleet Managers to get the forklift parts and advice they need to keep their equipment and businesses running smoothly. Learn more About Forklift 101 here

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